William Hill Bookmaker has the privilege of being one of the biggest bookies in the world. They offer a number of services related to betting and games, with a number of different betting types and racing and sporting events along with various methods of placing one’s bet.

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William Hill Protest Payout

Excellent Betting Platform For Members

As can be expected, the company boasts of multi million customers who are all very satisfied with the performance of the company, as well as its very safe and innovative means of betting.

It is a company that gives its customers confidence in the security of their funds and the bet which they place, regardless of how small the bet is.

The website for William Hill is updated on a regular basis; it is efficient and is very easy to function. It also uses web 2.0 concepts, ensuring that it is fast and each of its links is fully functional.

Being a locally focused sports-book betting company, William Hill does not only feature betting, but virtual games and casino sites, as well as an extensive entertainment sector like online poker and card rooms. This includes several different services such as Paradise Poker. These Casino Games don’t apply to Australian Residents.

William Hill operates through several different websites. Some of these cover national sporting bet stations while others are for general and corporate information. The company boasts of having at least 2.5 million registered users on its websites as well as in their premises. These customers hail from more than 200 countries, and altogether make one million bets per day on racing, casino games, poker, sports and virtual games.

Since there are so many websites operating under the name of William Hill, only the largest of them is wholly owned by the company itself. There is a simple system of franchising as well, under which website operators function independently and use William Hill’s centralised software. This software covers financial services as well as grading and customer services under an official licensing. The websites also gain a cut of the profits that are generated by the customers.

William Hill’s headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, with call centres and offices in the Republic of Ireland , Costa Rica and Australia (Sydney and Darwin) The PLC is located within Moorgate, London.

Being a company that operates out of the Northern Territory in Australia, the bets that are accepted by William Hill can be carried out through telephone calls as well as internet. Racing, sports and entertainment are the biggest sections that William Hill operates through. Each section of this is just as famous and effective as the next, and customers are given a lot to choose from in terms of racing types as well as sporting events.

The entertainment section is something that has most recently been getting more and more attention due to shows such as the X Factor and others.

The William Hill Group is known around the world for being well known for their online gaming operations as well as the listings they have for the type of betting operations they run.

William Hill Racing Products

William Hill’s Betting Racing Products. William Hill offers the punter all the race betting options that one could ask for including:

  • Win Only Betting: A Win Only bet is when a bet is placed on the runner to come in First place only in an event – that is, there is no payment for coming Second or Third.
  • Place Betting: A Place Only bet is a bet placed on a runner to place First, Second or Third, subject to field size.*

    Eight or more runners will pay First, Second and Third.

  • Exacta Betting: An Exacta requires that the first two (2) place getters are nominated in order.
  • Quinella Betting: Is when you select two runners to place First and Second in any order for the wager to be successful.
  • Trifecta Betting: A Trifecta requires nominating the first three (3) place getters in order.
  • First 4 Betting: A First Four requires nominating the first four (4) place getters in correct order.
  • All Up Multi Betting: An All-Up Bet is also known as a Multi, Accumulator or Parlay. For racing, an All-Up involves picking a maximum of four selections (Win or Place) in four different races.
  • Doubles Betting: A Daily Double bet requires you to nominate the winners of 2 races specified by the TAB.
  • Trebles Betting: Treble bet requires you to nominate the winners of 3 races specified by the TAB.
  • Quaddie Betting: A Quaddie requires nominating the winners of four races as nominated by the National TAB’s on selected race meetings.
  • Win 6 Betting: A Win 6 requires nominating the winners of six races as nominated by the designated National TAB’s on selected race meetings.
  • Parlay Betting: To simplify the placing of Multi-bets, a number of set combinations called Parlays have evolved over time and these are summarised below. Each Parlay has a set number of legs but when you select a Parlay, you are choosing all possible combinations of Multi-bets for that number of legs. In addition, some Parlays, also include single bets on each selection or leg.
  • Jockey Challenge Betting: Like betting on your favourite jockey for the day to come out in front, William Hill has markets on all the jockeys Australia wide.

William Hill Exclusive Race Betting Promotions

  • Best Tote Plus: Get the best price of the three National Totes, (UNITAB, NSW TAB, VIC TAB) on every Australian Thoroughbred Horse Race.
  • Best Tote Plus Place dividends: If a Win/Place wager is placed using Best Tote Plus, the Win portion will be paid according to the best tote plus on the winnings, the Place portion will be paid at the place dividend of the highest official win dividend paid by any TAB.
  • Getoutski Betting: The Getoutski is exclusive to William Hill and is available for thoroughbred racing on the Internet only. When selecting a Getoutski, simply select the winning horse in each of the four designated legs and nominate your stake. The four designated legs will consist of the final race of meeting selected by William Hill.
  • FavFour Betting: The Fav4 is the ultimate value bet for favourite fanciers this Spring. The Fav4 compiles the next 4 ruling fixed-price favourites into a four-leg multi as soon as markets are available, providing you with maximum odds at the click of a button.
  • PlaceCard Betting: Placecards are exclusive to William Hill and are available on the Internet. When selecting a Place Card, simply select a horse to place in four designated races and nominate your stake. The odds are added together to maximise your dividend. Place Cards are available for selected Metropolitan and Feature Country races.
  • HotStreak Betting: Fancy the dogs jumping from the inside boxes today? Then the Inside/Outside bet is for you! Available on select greyhound meets, the Inside/Outside bet allows you to bet on a head-to-head battle between boxes (1,2,3 4) vs Outside (boxes 5,6,7,8) for a particular race
  • Odds V Evens Betting: Our exclusive Odds/Evens bet on selected greyhounds and thoroughbred meets will allow punters to bet on a head-to-head battle between the odd numbered runners vs the even numbered runners for a particular race.
  • Inside V Outside Betting: Available on select greyhound meets, the Inside/Outside bet allows you to bet on a head-to-head battle between boxes (1,2,3 4) vs Outside (boxes 5,6,7,8) for a particular race.
  • In Play Betting: William Hill IN Play Betting. It’s so easy, a competitor even made a complaint.

More About William Hill Australia

The company was founded in 1934 and is included on the London Stock Exchange listings.

William Hill PLC then moved from AIM to the Main Market through the usage of the London Stock Exchange, which helped in the company’s Group profile being raised. This also led to an improved liquidity in their shares which offered better future prospects.

This move from AIM to the London Stock Exchange was also a great reflection on the success of the company in terms of expansion and maturity of the organisation in handling the landmarks that it achieved.

The markets in which William Hill operates, range from 95 to 100 countries in Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States. The company is doing remarkably well because it offers its customers close to 8000 different opportunities and offers to place their bets on a varied list of events, with updated promotions being on offer every single day.

There are strong regulations and rules, which have been put in place for customers who place bets and the employees who handle them every day, because with so many customers and their accounts there are serious security concerns and hesitation in placing larger bets. However, William Hill has utilised its time wisely and ensured every security measure is provided to its customers which have ultimately led to such a strong software system. It encapsulates exactly what the rivals of William Hill are lacking in, updated security measures, trust and confidentiality laws being upheld.

There are many services which are offered by William Hill PLC which include ongoing investments across the nation as well as abroad.

Expansion is an important factor to William Hill which is why it has managed to retain such a huge customer base. There are very significant changes underway at William Hill currently that go through new betting types being introduced, better investment, deposit and transaction options, along with more promotions being offered on a daily basis and so on.

William Hill’s Sports Betting Products

The Sports betting products currently being offered are fast and efficient, with the betting products being reliable and secure:

  • Single Betting: William Hill accepts single bets on all events on which markets are framed. Examples of single bets include backing a team to win the AFL Premiership, backing a player to score the most runs in an innings of cricket, or backing a team to win a game of ice hockey.
  • Margin Betting: A form of betting requiring the punter to pick the winning margin. This form of betting is available for Australian Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Basketball. An example of a bet would be if you think your team will win easily, then back them to win 13+ or 40+. If you think the match will be close, take the 1-12, 1-39, or the draw.
  • Line Betting: A form of betting where a match is handicapped by the bookmaker. For example, if one side is considered a 4.5 point better side than their opponent, you would be able to back this side to win by more than 4.5 points, or you can back their opponent to lose by no more than 4.5 points or win the match.
  • Multi Betting: Also known as a parlay, an all-up, an accumulator or a multi-bet, a Multiple Bet involves picking the winners of between one (1) and twelve (12) events or legs. The odds for each leg are multiplied.
  • Parlay Betting: Each Parlay has a set number of legs but when you select a Parlay, you are choosing all possible combinations of Multi-bets for that number of legs. In addition, some Parlays, also include single bets on each selection or leg. The key advantage of a Parlay over a standard multi is that if some of your legs are successful then you will still win a dividend based upon how many successful combinations you chose.
  • Live Betting: William Hill offers live betting on most William Hill events such as NRL, AFL, Tennis, Cricket and many more. Members can call and bet on markets including match winner, Next to score, next wicket to fall and many more.
  • My Match Betting: William Hill’s MyMatch is an exclusive product that allows you to pair up your choice of NRL or AFL teams for each round. Pick any 2 teams and create your own head to head market.
  • My Line Betting: MyLine is a new product available at William Hill which allows you to choose a line and price that suits you. MyLine is available on every NRL, AFL and American Football game. If you don’t like the default handicap line and price on offer, we provide every other line and price option allowing you the flexibility to select a market matching your opinion of the game.

Reasons To Join William Hill

Payment methods for William Hill are flexible and accessible any time during the day.

The access to one’s account is present and open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Apart from this, the latest telephone and internet technologies have been incorporated into William Hill and have a Customer Support team committed to ensure customers are provided with the exact information they need at any hour of the day.

These professionals are trained to handle every query with ethical professional behavior and calmly respond to any claims made by the customers. They also deliver only the highest quality of professional and responsive services to the clients throughout the week, round the clock.

William Hill iPhone / iPad App Is Here

William Hill mobile

Million Bets Each Day

It can easily be said that the Australian economy has benefited vastly through William Hill, owing to the fact that it has at least a million bets placed every day and reel in the money.

Australian racing as well as sports events contribute greatly to the Australian economy via taxes and capital and provides hundreds of individuals with employment and sponsorship options for Australian sports and charities. The benefits are endless in registering with William Hill especially since their free registration offers are so tempting.

Confidentiality and security measures taken with William Hill are also quite satisfactory for its huge customer base. The privacy factor is one of the most significant factors in William Hill, with every transaction and financial issues being handled with the utmost discretion. William Hill is registered with VeriSign which is especially satisfying for customers who only like to access their accounts and place bets online. Government regulations apply on every transaction regardless of whether it’s made online or through phone. There are quite stringent privacy rules that every customer must stick to.

The starting offers for the bets to be placed by customers start at $1.00. New members join William Hill are offered a 400% Deposit Bonus Bet. It applies to new clients who deposit $50 or more, the bonus $200.00 is then placed into there account so then the new client will have $250.00 to bet with.

More Reason To Join William Hill

There is also a strong reward point system incorporated into William Hill which wins customers double the money they have made on their bet if they win.

Several hundred promotions are introduced every week and while some are for limited time only, others are available for members of William Hill for every single bet they make. The odds offered at William Hill are better than any offered at other rival companies, thus it can be imagined why the company manages to retain such a large customer base.

Join William Hill Today and receive your 400% Bonus Bet, Deposit $50 Bet With $250.00 or grab there First Deposit Matched Bonus Offer Up To $502.00.