Please be advised that Unibet Streak has been decommissioned and is no longer available.

Gun punters will be gladdened to know that Unibet has a new promotion that will automatically track your winning streaks for you, and if you are the best streaker of the month, add to your hard-earned riches via their Unibet Streak promotion. Join Unibet Streak

There is no shortage of online bookmaker promotions, but Unibet Streak is one that requires you to do nothing more than engage in your usual routine of stringing together winning punts.

It is a sublimely simple and entertaining promotion. All it requires you to do is register, and then Unibet Streak will track your punts for you and give a monthly Top Prize to the punter with the longest streak. Unibet Streak offers a range of match-ups, so if you take pride in your racing punting, you can focus on those races, while if cricket or soccer is more your cup of tea, you can concentrate on those markets.

Another intriguing aspect of Unibet Streak is that you can invite other punters to join a private group. It requires 10 or more punters who hold valid Unibet accounts. The top punter from the group each month wins a prize that depends on the length of the streak and the size of the group.

Unibet affiliates will also have the ability to create client pools where Unibet will match any prizes put up by the affiliate up to a limit of $1000. Along with the top monthly prize, Unibet Streak will also have prizes for attaining various levels of achievement.

That is it, in a nutshell. Of course, you will want to check out Unibet’s Unibet Streak terms and conditions to understand exactly how it all works, but other than that, Unibet does all the accounting.

Unibet Streak Monthly Prizes

Longest winning streak – $5,000 cash

Player with most wins – $500 bonus bet
Longest losing streak for the months – $300 bonus bet
2nd – 5th longest winning streak – $150 bonus bet
6th – 10th longest winning streak – $100 bonus bet
Winner of your private group – $100 bonus bet
Any players who achieve a winning streak of 15 in a row - $15 in bonus bets

Unibet Streak will run until the end of September 2018.

With that out of the way, we thought it would be nice to supply some streak information, just to supply some perspective on what can be expected for Unibet Streak players.

2017 AFL Streaks Winning and Losing

The 2017 Toyota AFL Premiership competition did not lack for streaky play, even though the league has done its best to make it a level playing field where there is no overwhelming dominance.

The award for longest winning streak in 2017 goes to the Sydney Swans. Starting with round 12, they won seven straight through round 18. Along the way, they beat eventual premiers Richmond Tigers in round 13.

Of course, they needed those seven wins to make it to the final eight after they had lost their first six of the season. If they had not suffered a narrow loss to the Hawks in round 19, their streak would have extended to 13 games.

The spoon for losing streaks went to the Brisbane Lions. They went winless from round 2 until round 10, a nine-game bender. The Gold Coast Suns and the Carlton Blues receive dishonourable mention for eight game losing streaks during the home-and-away season.

Some other notable AFL/VFL streaks include 15 wins in a row by various teams. The Geelong Cats won 15 straight three times. The Essendon Bombers did it four times.

On the negative side of the equation, the clear standout is University, losers of 51 consecutive from round four of 1912 until round 18 of 1914.

2017 NRL Streaks Winning and Losing

In the 2017 Telstra NRL Premiership competition, parity was, just as with the AFL, the order of things. More so, perhaps.

The longest winning streak in the NRL in 2017 belonged to the Melbourne Storm, with seven straight in rounds 20 through 26, and the Penrith Panthers, who won seven in a row from round 18 through 24. Join Unibet Streak

The losing streak of eight awards the streak spoon to the New Zealand Warriors. The Newcastle Knights and the Gold coast Titans both lost seven in a row at various points in the season.

Unibet Streak

Test Cricket The Ashes

Excuse us for being topical, but with the Ashes currently commanding a lot of attention in the world of Australian sports, we could not resist.

The first Ashes was held in Australia from December of 1882 until January of 1883. The series alternated between Australia and England hosting, but for the first eight editions, the wins all went to the Poms.

Australia, hosing in 1892, halted that streak, but England hosted the next year and won the next three. Australia then won four in a row beginning in late 1897 and concluding in 1902, when Australia went to England in May of that year and came home victorious.

Australia won five times in a row beginning in 1934 until 1951, but the series was drawn in England in 1938. That streak included a hiatus for World War II.

If Unibet Streak were to be applied to Ashes Test cricket, the top prize would go to the Australians, who won eight consecutive, starting in England in 1989 and concluding in Australia in 2003. All in all, the Ashes have been fairly even with Australia holding a slight edge.

American Professional Gridiron (NFL)

The prize for all-time most consecutive wins belongs to the New England Patriots. They won 21 in a row over the end of the 2003 season and first six games of the following season.

Next are the Green Bay Packers, who won 19 games from December 26 of 2010 through December 18 of 2011. The Chicago Bears had two 18 game winning streaks. The first was in 1933 – 34 and the next was 1941 – 42. The Cleveland Browns matched those 18s in 1947 – 48.

That streak came to an end when following a 49 – 7 dismantling of the Buffalo Bills on December 19, 1947, those same Bills played the Browns to a 28 – 28 draw on the first game of the next season. Incidentally, in 2017, the Browns are on an 11-game losing streak, so they face the possibility of having both sides of the equation, winning and losing covered.

The Browns still have some breathing space, however, as the mark for consecutive losses belong to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who lost 26 in a row across 1976 and 1977, since the merger between the NFL and the old AFL. But, even those 26 losses are overshadowed by the Chicago Cardinals who went 29 games without a win during the years from 1942 through 1945.

So, there are a few targets for punters to aim at in pursuit of the Unibet Streak Top Prize. Our best guess is that it will take 30 or more winning punts to win one of the monthly prizes.

Hopefully, no one will have to endure a long losing streak, but punting is certainly capable of producing those, so remember to gamble responsibly.

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