With regard to Australian bookmakers, a wise man once told us that there is always something happening in Australia when it comes to gambling. Join Ubet.com Here – Deposit $50.00 Bet With $200.00

It is hard to argue against that observation. Things seemed to have settled down a bit after the big international concerns bought up some of the home grown operations, but by way of relatively recent news, there is a new player going by the name of UBET that we propose to subject to a bit of scrutiny in the attempt to supply information intended to assist punters in the decision of selecting a single betting agency or several, in order to derive the most entertainment and value per punter dollar.

We will not delve into how to get rich and quit your job through punting for a living. If we had that information, we would never share it and we would not be sitting in front of a computer keyboard for any other reason than to get our punts on and collect our dividends.

UBET.Com Origins

UBET.Com is the name that resulted from the rebranding of Tatts Group. Tatts and UBET own the state TABS for Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

They are a full service agency with a Queensland license. They offers wagering services that span the gamut, with a telephone call centre, on-course betting facilities, website and mobile betting, and something many of us appreciate, retail locations.

Being a government run operation comes with benefits and disadvantages. The main benefit is that UBET enjoys a tremendous stability that comes only from the surety of government backing, as it would seem that Queensland is not a takeover target for Paddy Power of William Hill. At least, we hope not. The disadvantage is that government run agencies seem to be subject to the sort of bureaucratic inefficiencies that some of us find frustrating when our desired outcomes do not fit neatly into the pigeonholes for which bureaucracies are notorious.

In Queensland, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation is UBET’s backer. South Australia grants UBET operating privileges under the auspices of the Independent Gambling Authority. The Tasmanian Gaming Commission is the license grantor in that state and the Northern Territory Gaming Commission oversees the operation in that state.

The Tatts name traces it origin to 1881, when George Adams started taking bets on horses in Sydney. Adams moved to Hobart in 1895 and started a lottery operation.

Lotteries are still a major component of the operation.


UBET As An Online Wagering Portal

While a nice after dinner stroll with a stop in the local bookie shop is a pleasure to be savoured, perhaps followed up with a quick stop at the boozer for a coldie, or stopping by the counter for a pre-race or pre-sporting event punt is an efficient way to get things done, the internet has fundamentally changed the game, we say for the better.

Here, then, is a look at UBET.Com from that perspective.

When we went to the main URL for UBET, www.ubet.com, we found one of those horizontally scrolling monstrosities. In case we have never made ourselves clear, or you have never had the singular pleasure of reading one of our prior bookie reviews, we vehemently dislike this website feature.

UBET’s is particularly distracting, in that the images change rapidly before the text on them can be read. Conversely, we did like the betting slip that opened automatically and occupies the right side of the screen from top to bottom. The bet slip can be closed to free up screen real estate.

As soon as one of the main tabs, which are Racing, Sports, Live Betting and Promotions is selected, to our great relief and gratitude, the scrolling business on the home screen is eliminated.

We selected the Racing tab and were quite pleased with the straightforward, easy on the eyes gray, green and black tabular layout. It is slightly different from the three column approach many of the corporate agencies use, but it is well organised and makes it easy to find thoroughbred, greyhound and harness markets by location. There are also easy options for choosing some of the common exotic markets, such as doubles and quadrellas, etc.

Clicking on a racetrack takes you to a clean and simple interface where it was possible to select a race, as well as learn the time remaining to the jump, all in large, simple text.

We next jumped to the Sports tab for a brief and unscientific odds and markets comparison. We found that for the upcoming NBA playoff game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors, UBET and Sportsbet were offering identical odds of $1.28 on Golden State. Backers of the Spurs, however, would do slightly better with Sportsbet, receiving $3.85 versus $3.75 from UBET. That is a minor discrepancy in our eyes.

The big difference was that Sportsbet had 232 markets for that game, compared to 12 from UBET.

We compared AFL odds on the Essendon Bombers and the West Coast Suns. Again, the discrepancy was so minor as to be insignificant in our eyes. Sportsbet had 262 markets for the match, versus 57 for UBET.Com.

Of course, the question that begs asking is-Do you really need almost 300 markets for one AFL game or is 57 sufficient?

While doing this comparison, we did come to a greater appreciation for UBET’s website, except for the fact that they blend all the different Australian Rules leagues together, without a separate location for AFL, VFL, or any of the other leagues. Everything was arranged in order of next to play.

UBET has done a nice job with their mobile offerings. It is quite simple and intuitive to create up to a 10-leg multi. Logging in simply requires a PIN, or in some cases fingerprint authentication. Adding a credit or debit card is simple; all that needs to be done is to scan the card with the mobile device’s camera.

UBET Bonuses

UBET offers bonuses such as deposit $50 and bet with $200 for new members, join while this offer lasts.

There are an adequate number of promotions and from what we can gather, there does not seem to be any turnover requirements on the matching sign-up bonus. As of this moment, we do not have in our possession any information regarding margin.

Many punters will enjoy the Radio Tab and Race Vision features of the site, which can be accessed with either UBET or Tatt’s credentials.

Punters can also earn bonus money based on wagers, similar to the cash-back rebates some major credit card companies offer on purchases.


UBET is an approved betting partner for 16 different professional authorities, such as the NRL, AFL, and racing codes, so no one need have any concerns in that regard.

The main benefit UBET supplies is that the bonuses are not nearly as restrictive as are those of some of the corporates in terms of state of residence.

We can see no glaring deficiency to UBET that would cause us to recommend against a membership with them. They cover domestic and international markets adequately, if perhaps not as deeply as the corporates do in terms of number of markets available, but since the majority of punters will seldom go far beyond win/place racing bets and head-to-head sports bets that is hardly a hanging matter.

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