I’m sure you know the feeling when your buddy confidently walks over to you, and then starts bragging about his latest multibet success story along with a hugh win while your left standing there dumb founded why you had England to win the World Cup in your mutlibet.

And then your friend shows you his selections, still bragging of-course and you then see his selections were all so obvious!

Just imagine if you could get your hands on this information well before the event.

Well thanks to Sportsbet Sports MultiPick, now you can.

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Introducing the Sports MultiPick!

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Its a far better choice than listening to your mate Brian from the local drinking hole carry on about his unbeatable horse in the 7th race at Rosehill, without doubt!

The MultiPick can be easily located on the right side of Sportsbet’s website at all times.

Sportsbet Sports MultiPick gives you the opportunity and choice to take advantage of the market knowledge and turn a little cash into a lot of cash with a multi-bet. Betting on Multi-bets are low risk with high reward returns.

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