Sportsbet, a leader of online wagering, has just created an exciting new way for punters to pursue increased winnings from modest outlays via its Sportsbet Multi Builder.

Building multis is not exactly new, but Sportsbet has taken it to a new level of simplicity and efficiency with Sportsbet Multi Builder.

The thing that makes Sportsbet’s newest offering so sublimely enjoyable is the ability to create any multi bet ticket imaginable from one screen on your computer or mobile device. No more backtracking to change sports, and then searching for markets in order to fill out a betting slip, is necessary. Find markets and add them to the betting slip with one click or tap and see the ticket clearly displayed awaiting stakes to be entered. More Information Here

Sportsbet Multi Builder is certain to attract many fans, including the casual punter who wants to set up a four-legged multi with four markets for an upcoming match of his favourite side, along with the grizzled veteran who at last has an excellent outlet for years of accumulated sports expertise.

Placing multi-legged punts will never again be the same. Using Sportsbet Multi Builder, combined with your knowledge of the thousands of markets Sportsbet offers regularly will take your punting to new levels of excitement and profitability.

Excited? Here’s how to use it!

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