The Million Dollar Tipping Competition Has Added A Few New Adds On's For This Season – All Good Of Course. Join Here

  • Watch out for 3 jackpot rounds in the AFL and NRL seasons.
  • The weekly prize will double to $20,000. The best tippers of these 3 rounds win or share $20,000.
  • A new margin rule to ensure a fairer competition
  • The removal of ‘best of club’ prizes allowing 3 x jackpot rounds where the weekly prize across AFL & NRL will be $20,000
  • Check in throughout the season to view where the former winners are ranked in the current competitions. Nobody has ever ranked Top 10 twice.
  • A new look Match Info Team selection is no longer compulsory – there is no excuse for that whinger who says “I don’t support a team” not to participate.
  • Quick Tip (tip the favourites or select randomise if you are feeling lucky)
  • Tippers now appear in position #1 on the ladder allowing better comparison with the leading tippers

million dollar tipping AFL and NRL

NRL And AFL Million Dollar Tipping Comp Is Here

One of the best things that Sportsbet is offering both of its Million Dollar Tipping Leagues is the opportunity to win Cash Deposits and a total prize pool of cash that is worth more than $1 Million Dollars. Join Here

You should also know that those who finish first in each of the contests will be able to take home $100,000, 2nd Prize is $50,000, but also the top tipsters for each week during the rounds also will win $10,000 per competition.

As you must have noted, one of the key advantages of taking part in the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping competition is that this is not a winner-takes-all kind of game.

Instead, other than the top winner of the competitions, people down to the 500th place will win cash prizes, which is a lot better than not winning anything at all. This means that if you participate in these competitions, there is a high chance of you winning some cash deposits.

Here Is The List Of Prizes To Be Won

  • Place 1 – $100,000 Cash Deposit
  • Place 2 – $50,000 Cash Deposit
  • Place 3 – $25,000 Cash Deposit
  • Place 4 – $10,000 Cash Deposit
  • Place 5 – $7,500 Cash Deposit
  • Place 6 – $5,000 Cash Deposit
  • Place 7 – $3,000 Cash Deposit
  • Place 8 – $2,000 Cash Deposit
  • Place 9 – $1,000 Cash Deposit
  • Place 10 – $500 Cash Deposit
  • Places 11 to 20 – (“End of Season Minor Prizes”) $250 Cash Deposit issued to each of the Registered Participants
  • Places 21 to 50 – (“End of Season Minor Prizes”) $200 Cash Deposit issued to each of the Registered Participants
  • Places 51 to 100 – (“End of Season Minor Prizes”) $100 Cash Deposit issued to each of the Registered Participants
  • Places 101 to 250 – (“End of Season Minor Prizes”) $50 Cash Deposit issued to each of the Registered Participants.

Read the full terms and conditions of Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition Here.

sportsbet free footy tipping comp

However, you should know that the distribution of the cash and the bet prizes depends on whether you are the fan of AFL or the NRL, so you have to check the Sportsbet website to know the complete details of the competitions.

Also, if you don’t have an account with the website yet, be sure to sign up as it will be your first step for enrolling into the competitions. Who knows? Your name may even end up in the Sportsbet hall of fame.

See Exactly Where You Stand In the Competition – Join Here

When you enrol in the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping contest and start the game, you can also check where you stand every week. So, this means that you’ll be able to check in and see if you’re the weekly $10,000 winner and even view your options for the season.

Aside from checking your status among the overall competition, you can even set up a private ladder watch that tells you where you stand among your friends and family.

Also, once you start taking part in the competition, you will notice that the scoring criteria for each of the contests are pretty simple and straight forward. So, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Explained briefly, each correct tip that you make will earn you a point, and the won with the most points wins – that simple.

So, if you haven’t already enrolled with Sportsbet, it’s time you did exactly that because according to Sportsbet, this is Australia’s richest free tripping competition. Sportsbet believes that anyone who is even slightly familiar with the Paddy Power Organisation knows that they don’t go for anything but the big thing.

If you want to know more about the Sportsbet Million Dollar tipping competition, visit their website and go through the terms and conditions listed there. Join Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition Here