You know what it is like when your multi-leg just goes down on the final leg, the questionable decision to include Richmond to cover a 30-point line annoying you for months on end. “FEEL THE FREEDOM! CASH OUT Discover a new way to bet”

Now with Sportsbet’s new product, Cash Out, you now have a second chance to right the wrongs of ill-informed tips from your best friends ? What a great idea it is!

Thanks to Sportsbet’s new Cash Out product, winning on the punt is now easy than before. More Information Here.

  1. Join Sportsbet Here and be taken to Sportsbet’s Landing Page: Join Here
  2. Sportsbet will then match your very first $50 Deposit with a $150 bonus bet !!

What is Sportsbet Cash Out? Cash Out now offers you the opportunity to cancel selected bets and multi bets before the race, event or match has concluded.

  1. You will have the chance to cash out the bet amount immediately after you have placed your wager
  2. The amount you will receive back will fluctuate as the betting odds of your wager goes up or down
  3. Any wager placed with Sportsbet can be reclaimed online unless your bets were taken over the telephone
  4. But don’t worry, any wager taken over the phone can still be cashed out but you have to do it over the phone: Easy

How do I know if an event Im betting on is a Cash Out race / event / market?

  • Cash Out is only applicable on pre selected betting through our desktop website
  • Cash Out is not available when a free bet has been selected
  • The Cash Out prices are subject to change

How can I cash out my wager?

You can cash out your bet, but it must be the same way you placed the bet, via online or phone.

If you made your wager online, you can cash out online either during or before the event. If you placed your wager over the telephone, you can contact phone services on 13BETS to do a cash back.

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