Participants when joining SportChamps pay to enter a competition, play with virtual money, and then reap prize money according to which punter achieves the highest profit over the course of the competition. Join Here

Participants pay to enter a competition, play with virtual money, and then reap prize money according to which punter achieves the highest profit over the course of the competition.

SportChamps is the latest foray into online gambling by Alan Eskander, who was the driver behind Betstar, before he sold that agency to Ladbrokes four years ago (2014).

The various tournaments SportChamps stage offer different levels of opportunity. Top percentage tournaments have a pre-determined percentage of participants that will win something, usually 25 or 40 percent of the prize pool. Top percentages are paid to the punters with the highest standing in the competition

Double Up Tournaments

There are also Double Up Tournaments where nearly half, 45 percent, of the participants will earn prize money equivalent to 2x the tournament entry fee.

For the smartest (or luckiest) punters, Winner Takes All tournaments give the entire prize money pool to the top punter.

SportChamps takes a cut from all this and right off, we will let you know that SportChamps’ percentage in 12.5 percent, so if you will $100, you will realise a payout of $87.50. If you are in one of the Double Up tournaments and the entry fee was $20, your $40 winnings would be $35.

Someone has to pay all those taxes the governments are levying on the bookmakers and it is not the bookmakers. They simply collect the money, and then pass it on to the capitals.

Since we mentioned TopBetta as the other online agency that offers tournament wagering, we feel obligated to report that they charge “only” 10 percent.

One might think that SportChamps, competing in the crowded field of online wagering, would be hard pressed to attract clients, but the agency is reporting a 50 percent increase in membership each month. We would attribute that to all the competitions that are relatively inexpensive to bet involved with and the fact that there are quite a few where, while the reward might not be so great, the risk is minimal. Join Here


SportChamps is one of the few that charges a dormant account fee, so if you are one of those for whom keeping track of your pocketbook, phone and car keys is a challenge, if you forget that you deposited money with SportChamps, they will start siphoning it off if you do not bet for longer than 18 months.

The landing page at made the claim that the clients of the agency were winning a certain amount weekly. Twelve and a half percent of that is a nice piece of revenue, especially when combined with all the entry fees that simply wind up in the SportChamps coffers.

There are over 500 tournaments per week. We assume some of that number is derived from counting liberally, for example, every AFL fixture can be a tournament and a tournament based on the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition would count as 23 tournaments over the course of the season.

SportChamps’ website claims, that in the month for which they provided the most recent figures, they paid out over $300,000 in prizes.

SportChamps Website and Mobile Apps

Quite simply, we truly liked this feature of SportChamps. The website is lean and efficient. No sooner had we got on then we were able to click a link for All Tournaments and get right to what they had on offer.

The page displayed 20 tournaments, including some free ones for newcomers. If 20 are not enough, there is a box at the bottom of the tournaments page to see the rest.

There were additional links to sort the tournaments by Racing, Next To Go, Free, AFL, NRL and Soccer. We clicked on the Racing tab and were taken there so quickly that we had to look twice to ascertain that something had happened.

Entry Fees Ranging From $2 To $100

For every tournament we observed, punters have the opportunity to create a private competition and invite other punters; sort of a betting version of Face Book.

SportChamps promotes this feature as a place to invite mates or foes and any easy beats you may have come across.

We expect to receive multiple invitations, as we are some of the easiest beats every beaten.

The website display is very user friendly, with clearly shown details of the tournaments, such as number of permissible participants, prize pool, tournament conditions and entry fees.

Under the Free tab, we found competitions for Australia v France in World Cup, AFL and NRL.

One thing we will not fail to point out is that SportChamps requires a punter to make at least five bets in a tournament, so do not lose sight of the fact that it would be reasonable to say that SportChamps will require a degree of skill that far transcends pure luck.

Racing bets can be win, place, quinella, exacta, Trifecta and first four, along with rolling and daily doubles and quaddies.

Sports bets are generally over 30, ranging from match result to handicap and several options in between.

All in all, we found the SportChamps website a true pleasure to use and we would highly entertain the notion of using it on one of our mobile devices. For those who prefer the app route, those are available for Android and iOS. Join Here


Punters who enter a tournament play with ChampCash virtual money.

For some tournaments, there is a minimum of $500 ChampCash per wager, so complying with the five-bet minimum would mean that a punter would commit $2,500 to a tournament, but that is not real money.

To us, the best feature of SportChamps, aside from the gorgeous website, is that it will require more skill than chance to win.

We like the Live Chat feature for getting information at a moment’s notice. We also like the idea that some tournaments having a top 50 percent set-up awards a prize to half the participants, even if the tournament does not reach the maximum number of participants.

SportChamps would seem to be onto something. It certainly provides a nice alternative to strictly Fixed Odds betting and has a much lower level of risk than the newly deployed Spread Betting system.

It is truly a nice time to be an online punter in Australia and SportChamps is an agency at which it is worth having a look. Join Here