It appears as though Australian punters have a new option when it comes to online bookmakers. is up and running, so here is some information on their operation. Join Today

The new bookie was launched by Dean Shannon, who used to helm Ladbrokes. Some may recall that Shannon was the impetus behind before Ladbrokes came along as part of the wave of internationals taking over homegrown Aussie operations.

The wagering interface is the familiar three-column arrangement that figures some prominently in the website designs of many bookmakers, which is a good thing for those of us who like our market research and wagering routines to be soothing and uncomplicated. Those who are waiting for an original approach will be left wanting for the moment.

Neds Website Easy To Use

It would seem as though the operation has assembled an experienced team comprised of experts from the various disciplines that an online bookmaker requires, including computer experts, lovers of sports of all kinds, stat freaks and those rare individuals who fully comprehend life in a digital world.

For such a new bookmaker, having launched just recently, it is obvious that Neds took some time to get their act in order before going live. The site looks great, there is no shortage of markets and live betting is enabled.

We liked the sports section of the site and found it easy to navigate for the purposes of doing an odds comparison. Since in the past we have found the variability between one bookmaker and another to be minimal, we will not spend a lot of time on this topic, but we will supply a few details.

We will add that the sports icons are arrange alphabetically and cover about twenty different sports. Predictably, since the AFL is now dormant until 2018, the only market we found was for the 2018 Premiership winner. Also predictably, we learned that the Crows and the Swans are the co-favourites at $5.00.

We looked at the NFL, since as this is being typed, there is a game in several hours’ time between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs. The money line on that contest quoted the Houston Texans at $2.10 and the Chiefs at $1.77.

Since the driving force behind Neds used to be with Ladbrokes, we used Ladbrokes for the comparison and found them offering the Texans at $2.15 and the Chiefs at $1.73. The Chiefs were favoured by only two points on Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes had a total points market available as the only other option, while Neds had 15 additional markets. Neds also had the Chiefs favoured by two points.

Neds Punters Toolbox

As one of the newer betting agencies in Australia, Neds is embarking on some innovative programs designed to make it easier for punters to make well-informed wagering decisions.

They have recently debuted the Neds Punters Toolbox, a suite of, well, tools to help find the best options. It has been available for all Neds clients for just over a month, as of late October 2018.

The Neds Punters Toolbox and it is comprised of four tools.

The four tools are Jump Off, Back Up, Fluc Up and Price Boost.

Following is a brief outline of each of the tools.

Jump Off

Jump Off seems like a natural evolution to that inevitable point in time when Australian betting agencies will be permitted to offer live online betting. Punters holding single fixed odds bets on eligible Australian or New Zealand Thoroughbred races will have an opportunity to cancel their bets after the race has started. A countdown timer shows punters how much time remains for them to cancel a wager.

Punters will be able to detect the availability of the Jump Off feature by the presence of the ‘Jump Off’ icon. The procedure for cancelling a bet is actually easy, although the instructions at first glance seem elaborate. Punters will need to direct their browsers to the ‘My Bets This Race’ to view the eligible bets. One the race jumps, a timer starts. The timer will be displayed below each eligible bet. One click or tap on the ‘Jump Off’ button, followed by one click or tap on ‘Confirm’ button will complete the process. The stake will be returned to the punter’s account once the race result is settled.


The function of this tool is to permit punters to select a second runner to a fixed odds bet. The same conditions as ‘Jump Off’ apply.

If the original selection finishes to the Backup selection, punters will have their stake returned up to a $500 limit.

This tool is also simple to manipulate, with the main caveat being to select the Backup runner with care equal to the primary selection. After adding a Backup selection on eligible races, the bet is confirmed in the usual manner. The Backup runner will be shown in blue text below the first selection in the on the Backup Bet is the Pending Bets and Bet Statement.

Fluc Up

This tool allows punters to have their wager to receive higher odds in a racing market that has increased fluctuation. Fixed odds bets that drift higher can be locked in at the next highest quote.

After placing a fixed odds bet on an eligible race, punters will have five minutes to receive the higher quote. Just as with the first two tools, it is a twostep process to navigate to pending bets and confirm the decision to ‘Fluc Up.’

Price Boost

Login to Neds to find out more about this tool.

Racing Markets

We next looked at some domestic thoroughbred racing markets, specifically, the Caulfield Cup. Neds had Bonneval as the $4.80 favourite, identical to the quote on Ladbrokes. Neds also offers many international racing markets.

Between the two, we found Neds to be slightly easier to navigate, but not so much so that we would drop an established relationship with Ladbrokes to join Neds.

We were not surprised, given the attention to detail that seems to be evident on the Neds website, that there is a mobile app ready to go. There are versions for Android and iOS. We did not observe a mobile-friendly version of the website for the minority that does not use Android or iOS based operating systems, but we did open the website on a mobile and found it serviceable. Those few out there who do use Windows based mobiles have not been excluded. Join


Neds Did Not Overlook Much

We found the withdrawal options limited to bank transfer and Visa, but based on any number of past examples, the options will expand. It is a bit easier to make a deposit. Visa, Poli, BPAY and MasterCard are supported at this time.

Like many other Australian licensed bookmakers, Neds is authorised by the Northern Territory Gambling Commission. They operate in South Australia under the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice.

Neds operates in Australian dollars only, which is nothing that should create any sort of inconvenience for most punters.

As for customer service, they offer contact via telephone, chat and email.

We like the way Neds betslip stayed hidden until we clicked on it after adding a market until we specifically asked to see it. It has a fairly common, if not universal feature, of showing potential dividends based on the amount staked.

Neds has a search function that had us excited initially. First, we searched for “Almandin” and got zero results. We tried “Winx” and got 46 results, but absolutely nothing relevant to Sydney’s star mare or any races in which she will be participating. Hopefully, the serach function will expand as Neds gains some experience.

At the time we did this review, there were no live markets displayed on Neds. We do not think this is because Neds is lacking in this department, only that we need to check at the right time.

Neds has the stamp of approval from the AFL, NRL, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket and the PGA, which provides some indication that the bookmaker has enough standing to be taken seriously by some major leagues.

Help & FAQ Pages Online

We do not often resort to Help & FAQ pages, but we found the offering on Neds to be well designed and helpful in explaining such topics as racing odds service and bet types for the three racing codes.

The same was true for Sporting bet types, where single and handicap betting, Asian handicap betting and multiple betting were explained clearly and concisely for every level of punter.



Being as that Neds is so new, so new that we are uncertain exactly how to type the name, our final recommendation is that this seems like a promising operation.

They are one worth considering as a sole vendor or as one of many, but at the moment, all we can really say is that the website and mobile apps look refreshingly new, but familiar enough that we did not have to learn everything from scratch.

Time will reveal more and we will be curious to see what happens when the two primary footy codes resume in early 2018. Join