Luxbet is a premium betting destination originating in Australia. It offers premium betting for races and sporting events and is one of the nation’s most famous agencies. It boasts of having more than 12 million regular betting customers and is quite well known for its ethical practices and fair charges in bets.

Luxbet offers all new clients a Free Deposit Bonus Bet up to $700.00. When you deposit $700.00 with Luxbet, they will match that Deposit with a Free $700.00 Bonus Bet giving you $1400.00 to bet with. Great offer by Luxbet.

Good News – Luxbet have just upgraded there $700 Bonus Bet. Now you can bet the Bonus Bet anyway you like, with the minimum denomination being $10.00. So for eg if you have a $700 Bonus you can have 7 bets of $100, or 70 bets of $10.00 or you can still just bet it all as $700 if you want. Another first for Luxbet.

Best Odds

The goal of the organisation is to ensure their customers not only receive the best odds, but are offered only with the highest quality in promotions and the products offered through registration with them.

The customer service at Luxbet is exemplary, with promotional campaigns being circulated among all of its 12 million customers. It is a company that is quite active in social media, thus offers users information on the spot with hardly any delays.

Luxbet was launched in early 2008, and since then has managed to form a great following of customers that are regular betters. The company started off with a clear vision and a benchmark which covered its approach towards price, product and service in a very succinct, business oriented approach. Its luxury services are known to cater to both larger clients and smaller ones through domestic and international platforms. Being a company of the internet age, it operates quite a wide platform online and is known for regular updates and a functional website that offers great support online.

Luxbet $700 Free Bet

Big Promotions

The company has managed to offer the biggest promotions in the betting industry in a very short period of time, thus has garnered the highest paying products that each customer is ensured with.

The organisation never settles for lesser than the best offers online and otherwise, and have given away products in competitions that range from gift cards to $140,000 Private Jets to its dedicated customers. It has also given away Holiday packages through promotional programs and millions of dollars in Bonus Bets, thus it can easily be said that it has worked its due to become as huge as it is right now. The organisation has worked hard in ensuring the loyalty of its customers.

Its product entitled ?Best of the Best? is especially known to be among the best selling as it offers only the highest paying racing product with customers being provided with three Tabs or being offered the on course Top Fluctuation. The product selling rate depends on whichever sells more.

Furthermore, the product offers are not just based in domestic markets but internationally as well, with Live Betting techniques in competitions such as AFL, NRL, the NBA and NFL in the US and so on.

It targets only the best in competitions and has recently been offering a huge promotion of close to 70% Multi Bonus, Bad Bet Refund and a 100% First Try/Goal Scorer bonus for lucky customers. These particular promotions are among the most famous as can be imagined, and have been reeling in new customers consistently especially in crowds that are business minded and want to enjoy the game. There are absolutely no fees or overhead charges for deposits made via credit or debit cards, or Moneybookers, POLi, BPAY, or bank transfers and cheques. The withdrawal clearance time is also quite accommodating to the customers at Luxbet, thus it is quite graceful in terms of retaining the trust of its customers for the long haul.

Luxbet is known to be one of Australia’s best paying racing products, and thus are ranked quite highly with its wide range of betting types and options available. Furthermore, its products such as Best of the Best and LuxDiv are very well liked among its customers, making it a regular name among regular betting customers.

Betting options range from Fixed Odds, Top Fluc and Exotics, all of which are quite popular among betting individuals. There are also some great product ranges within Luxbet that are offered to new users as well as older customers. Tools and promotional activities are offered throughout the year to ensure customers can enjoy a great game and can take their punting further on.

There are also activities for race horse owners and trainers to enjoy, such as joining the ClubXtra program. This program makes users eligible to receive a 12% bonus on every bet they place on their own horse, whether it is one they own or are training.

The LuxBook is an advanced horse racing blackbook in the industry which offers regular and updated emails and SMS alerts at a particular rate throughout the year. In the age of the internet, this is a vital product and can really open up new worlds for the user who operates from the internet, and there are bound to be many among a 12 million customer base.

There are also sports punter deals available that Luxbet works through. Regardless of whether a customer’s preferred betting station is American Sports, Rugby League, Aussie Rules or Soccer, Luxbet offers bets on just about everything. There are compatible events for every type of bet and customers can remain updated about the market place on every event being played as well as stacks of Live Betting events simultaneously.

Luxbet Bookmaker

Luxbet 24/7

Betting services are offered 24/7 on the display of your computer or laptop if you subscribe on, and regular SMS alerts can be got at or Mobile Applications that are available on your preferred platform. One must only take a few moments to open up a new account and they are offered access to hundreds of new deals every day, with their betting services kept organised through a dashboard that is easy to maintain and organise.

Being an organisation that is part of the world famous TabCorp, Luxbet has quite a secure background and is known for being among the most trusted names in the betting industry. It offers Australia’s leading gambling as well as entertainment services.

It is also in full support of NSW and the Victorian racing industries so it cannot be said it doesn’t give back to its community or industry. Moreover, Luxbet is fully committed to the idea of sharing its profits through discretionary payments to the above mentioned agencies, Victorian thoroughbred, NSW, harness and greyhound racing codes. It also complies with the product fees that are used in the industry and the race field fees that apply to the bookmakers throughout the nation.

Luxbet is among the most committed in ensuring only the highest level of customer services are offered to its vast number of customers that is ever increasing. It also offers a wide range of betting options and promotions for the account holders that are currently with the organisation.

For new customers or users who register for the first time, there are many conveniences for placing their first bet such as offers to display tutorials and to show guides to the user on how odds can be beaten or made even through clever market techniques.

The promotional offers that are up for customers are equally distributed to everyone, regardless of whether the customers are small or high rollers. This is among the most appealing features of the company and is perhaps the reason why it manages to bring in regular customers who register with the name in the first place.

There is no going wrong with Luxbet, so register today to be offered the best in the marketplace! Join Here and grab LUXBET’s $700 Free Bet Offer