Punters who want to elevate their bet selections to something well beyond educated guessing will quickly learn to appreciate the new InfoHub feature that Ladbrokes has added to their already vast repository of betting help.

The key to making smart punts is information, but at times, it seems as though assimilating all that information in time to get a wager placed is a job not for an average human, but a supercomputer will highly tweaked algorithms.

Which of us has not put some serious effort into finding a good proposition, only to find that whilst we were investigating, the market shifted and turned what had initially appeared to be a prime opportunity into something far less appealing?

InfoHub has made it possible for punters to use their mobile devices to gather relevant information so quickly as to largely (not completely) prevent shifting markets from ruining good punts.

From a technological viewpoint, InfoHub is a major advance that we would be deliriously happy to see applied to other areas of our lives, but for now, anyone who takes advantage of the capabilities of Ladbrokes’ latest innovation might well see a nice improvement in their strike rate.

The most compelling feature of InfoHub is its sublime simplicity.

Any market for which InfoHub is enabled will display an InfoHub icon. To access the resources, all that needs to be done is to rotate the phone or tablet from portrait to landscape mode to unlock all the features. It may have taken you longer to read that last sentence than it will for you to become comfortable with the operation of InfoHub.

InfoHub, from an information perspective, varies slightly betwixt how it functions for racing markets and sports markets, but a couple of minutes with the racing side of InfoHub will make navigating the sports side automatic.

Here is a brief rundown for Ladbrokes’ InfoHub as it pertains to sports.

As this is being written, the AFL and the NRL are on hiatus, but InfoHub covers many international codes and for this example, we will use the markets from the opening round of the NFL playoffs.

  • Open the Ladbrokes mobile website or the Android of Apple application.
  • Select one of the four games from this weekend’s games. (We have randomly chosen the Pittsburgh Steelers v the Miami Dolphins.
  • The InfoHub icon on the right side of the screen about 1/3rd of the way down the screen lets you know that InfoHub is activated for that game.
  • Rotate the device from portrait to landscape mode.
  • Tap on one of the five options: Overview, Head to Head, Ladder, Bet Tracker and Fluctuations.
  • We chose Head to Head for this example. There, we learned that the two teams had played during the regular season in Florida, and that the Dolphins had handily beaten the Steelers 30 – 15.
  • Returning to the market for the game, we learned that the Steelers are favoured by 10 points. That is quite a point spread for most NFL games, and given the outcome of the earlier meeting, it would appear that even though Pittsburgh has the home field advantage, and that the backers are putting their money on the Steelers, due mainly to the hot streak the team has been on of late, it might be a fun punt to take Miami and the points, knowing that whilst it may be probable that the Steelers will win, whether they can cover the spread or not is the intriguing proposition.
  • Select the bet you want to place. It is added automatically to the bet slip. Enter the desired stake, tap submit, done.

Ladbrokes Info Hub

This is not betting advice. It is provided purely to show the copious resources InfoHub makes available to assist punters to find good value wagers. Other observers than us might look at the same information and derive a different meaning from that information.

All punters need to accept that it is the element of uncertainty that makes sports wagering entertaining, and that short of a time machine that permits travel into the future to learn the historical outcome of games, and then coming back to place wagers, there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to athletic contests of any kind.

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