Centrebet now offer the best fixed odds on all metro racing and sports in Australia due to their new policy of no fuss no promotional offers. This new policy that Centrebet has installed is great for punters to finally have a bookmaker that gives only but fair odds all the time. Join Centrebet Here

Centrebet is an Australia Corporate Bookmaker that has been licensed under the Northern Territory Government. It is noted to be among the first bookmakers to acquire a license in Australia and has been around since 1993.

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Centrebet holds the privilege of being the first to go online in the Southern Hemisphere, this being the first company to hold a position over rivals that came about. It also allowed Centrebet to set trends in its industry, thus going a long way in the gambling world with its innovative designs and so on.

Its first rival was SportOdds Group which eventually bought the company for Australian $46.55 million. SportOdds created a merger so that SportOdds and superOdds.co.uk became one entity named Centrebet.

The bets that are placed on Centrebet can be placed through phones, online and physically at several different locations. Ever since the company began in 1993, it has been doing quite well in terms of a customer base and right now can boast of a multimillion customer listing, the majority of which are regular betters and have been satisfied with the performance of the company itself.

The company has managed to form quite a good ranking among its competition, partly due to the fact that it has been around for so long and partly because it set its industry’s trends right from the get go.

Centrebet Betting Products:

  • Centre Best: Ensures you receive the fixed-odds given at the time of making your bet or CentreBEST (best tote or better), whatever is the best at the time.
  • Centre Odds: Ensures you receive fixed-odds given at the time of placing your bet or CentreMID (middle tote or better), whatever is the best at the time.
  • Centre Top: Win price is guaranteed to match or exceed the best official Win payout declared by the 3 Aussie TAB’s.
  • Centre Mid: Win and Place price is guaranteed to match or better the official Win price declared by 2 of the 3 major Australian TAB’s.
  • Starting Price: (SP) Wagers bet at SP are guaranteed to be given at the official SP for the on-course bookies as determined by the official Bookmakers Pricing Service
  • Streak: Pick Your Own Streak, available for evens vs odds and outside vs inside events. To have a streak, events must be consecutive, but you can build a streak at the start of any race.
  • Inside-Outside: Inside / Outside allows you to bet head-to-head between boxes (1,2,3 4) vs Outside (boxes 5,6,7,8) for a given race.
  • Odds-Evens: Place bets on greyhounds and thoroughbred races head-to-head with odd numbered runners vs the even numbered runners for a particular event.
  • Fixed Odds: This type of bet you will receive at the time you put your bet on is fixed and will not alter no matter how the market fluctuates or changes.
  • Best Fluc: Best Fluctuation is available up to 30 minutes prior to the race jump.
  • Jockey Challenge: This type of bet is a points system in which you place a win bet on what jockey you feel will collect the most points over a race meet or racing carnival.

Reasons To Join Centrebet

Centrebet is currently offering more than 8000 international sports as well as racing events for users to bet on every week, so it can be imagined how many bets are handled each day by the representatives at the company.

Furthermore, the company is fully regulated by the relevant authorities and is licensed regularly which makes it quite a safe and secure investment. Not only is it among the first online betting stations but has managed to form a secure telephonic betting service as well, which is utilised by millions of customers every day.

Now, with the inclusion of smart phones in every customer’s itinerary, mobile apps have also been introduced that cater especially to customers who are constantly on the go and make bets and other professional activities of their own through their mobile devices.

The Centrebet mobile app is slowly gaining in popularity and has, in fact, managed to reel in quite a lot of new customers since it offers convenience on a level that wasn’t present before.

Centrebet has invested in the latest online technologies as well, with its up to date website, benefits to joining the company, constant incentives by giving better odds and regular updates on events.

The Centrebet website is fast and efficient, offering reliable service around the clock. The user must only register once and make their account, after which their account is built on with time. Every transaction starting from the first bet ever made to current account transactions are neatly organised on the dashboard on the users account, with details and news pouring in every time a change is adapted by the company website or in its policies.

The payment methods offered to the users are safe and secure, with a lot of flexibility in billing and other financial matters. Credit is offered to customers who have been with Centrebet for a particular amount of time, with very flexible offers in place for new as well as old customers.

One of the biggest factors that make Centrebet the customer’s first choice in betting on racing and sporting events is the fact that it offers confidentiality and privacy, and treats your personal details and finances very safe. It monitors every transaction made within customers as well as to other organisations so your details are not leaked and any fraudulent activity can be immediately caught.


There is also a very strict government policy in place that places privacy rules and protection of client confidentiality among the top of the list. There are customs that ensure the customers as well as external clients act according to the regulations and don’t stray.

Centrebet offers a huge range of products which are especially popular among the southern hemisphere. It is the oldest online sportsbook operator thus it is quite well known in racing as well as sporting circuits and events.

It offers the first bets on a number of tournaments which has made it popular among both professional players and customers alike. Centrebet is rated among the highest in sportsbook reviews across the world, not only because of its flexible means of payment but because of the ability of customers to pick and choose their betting styles and the type of bets they want to place. More Australian Free Bookie Bet sites here

Bet Types At Centrebet (Racing)

  • Win: Win Only bet is when a bet is placed on the runner to come in First place.
  • Place: Place Only bet is a bet placed on a runner to place First, Second or Third, depending how many in the field.
  • Exacta: Requires that you select the first two (2) place getters in the correct order.
  • Quinella: Is where you pick 2 runners to run First and Second in any order.
  • Trifectas: You are required to nominate the first 3 runners in order.
  • First 4: Requires you to nominate the first four runners in the right order.
  • All Up Multi: This involves selecting a maximum of 4 runners (Win or Place) in 4 different races.
  • Doubles: This requires you to select the winners of 2 races nominated by the TAB.
  • Trebles: This requires you to select the winners of 3 races nominated by the TAB.
  • Quaddie: You are required to nominate the winners of 4 races as nominated by the TAB on selected races.
  • Win 6: You are required to nominate the winners of 6 races as nominated by the TAB on selected races.
  • Parlay Bets: Each Parlay has a set number of legs but when you select a Parlay, you are choosing all possible combinations of Multi-bets for that number of legs.
  • The Great Escape: Select the winner in each of the 4 nominated legs and choose your stake. The 4 legs will consist of the last event for the meet selected by Centrebet.
  • Pick 2,3,4: Choose 2, 3, 4 compiles the next 4 ruling fixed-price favourites into a 4-leg multi as soon as markets are up and running.
  • Auto Exotixs: This type of bet lets you box up your picks then automatically generate a Box Quinella, Box Exacta, Box Trifecta and Box First 4.

Bet Types At Centrebet (Sports)

  • Single: Centrebet takes single bets on all sports where markets are made.
  • Straight: Head to Head bet formally known as a Win bet.
  • Margin: Select the winning margin and get better odds.
  • Line: This is where the favourite for the event is handicapped by the bookmaker.
  • Multi: This type of bet involves selecting the winners between one (1) and twelve (12) events or legs. The odds for each leg are multiplied.
  • Parlay: Each Parlay has a set number of legs but when you select a Parlay, you are choosing all possible combinations of Multi-bets for that number of legs.
  • Live: Live betting on most sports such as AFL, Tennis, Rugby, NRL, Baseball, Soccer and many more.
  • Pick Your Own Match: A Centrebet exclusive that allows you to pair up your choice of NRL or AFL teams for each round.
  • Pick Your Own Line: Allows you to pick a line and price that you feel is fair on all AFL, NRL and American Football.

More Reasons To Join Centrebet

There are so many creative means of placing bets for Centrebet’s esteemed clients list, it is easy to understand why they are doing so well in the racing and sporting bet communities.

The company offers clients a certain credit as soon as they register with Centrebet, and offer excellent suites for them to chose from.

Next, there are betting offers in place for customers placing their first ever bet which was initially Centrebet’s idea and was circulated around its rivals to reel in the customers. In a week Centrebet is known to reel in close to 2 million customers who place their bets.

Being among the oldest in the game, Centrebet has seen its share of ups and downs but has managed to come out on top with only the best odds being offered to customers.

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