The line is long with a throng of NRL clubs interested in the services of David Fifita.

Fifita still has a year to go on his contract with Brisbane, but the Lions have already initiated extension talks in hopes of locking the 19-year-old before some other club can get its hooks into him.

Mal Meninga would like to lure Fifita to Gold Coast, although so long as he is lucid, Fifita would probably shun an offer from the Titans, unless he is interested in suffering.

Canterbury. New Zealand. Parramatta.

As many as 10 of the NRL’s 16 clubs would like to have Fifita on their list and those clubs need to get the business done before the expiration of the November 1 anti-tampering deadline.

Seven figure sums are being dangled and Meninga would like nothing better than to hand new coach Justin Holbrook a prize with which to prime the pump at Gold Coast.

“Will we be talking to David Fifita about returning to the Gold Coast, where he went to school at Palm Beach Currumbin High School? Of course we will,” Meninga wrote to Titans fans.

Only just slightly removed from his high school days, we are unsure what the lure would be for Fifita.

Seemingly, anyone and everyone who has ever played rugby football are on the Titans’ wish list.

Gold Coast would have to make some moves to make salary space for Fifita. That sort of thing does not bode well for players such as Nathan Peats, Lelani Latu and Bryce Cartwright, who collectively account for enough salary to accommodate Fifita.

But while Meninga was talking Fifita talk, Gold Coast chairman Dennis Watt is making it his priority to retain Jai Arrow.

Watt told the AAP, “He (Arrow) is a future leader. He is not just an outstanding footballer but an outstanding young man.”

We often hear that sort of talk as the lead-up to some sort of off-field scandal, but to be objective, it is not always the case.

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