Well, NFL fans, fans from the city of the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C. will be happy to know that the NFL has some proper priorities.

Yes, fans, you will be able to purchase merchandise with the new name, “Washington Football Team,” emblazoned on it.

Fans will have to act fast and buy as much as they can. “Washington Football Team” is likely a temporary shift.

The political correctness that is currently roiling the Yanks shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

The old name for the team from Washington, D.C., the “Redskins,” was viewed as derogatory by vocal factions of the Native American community, along with many other people from various races and ethnic origins.

The old name was in use for almost 90 years. This is not the first time the controversy has made headlines.

Current team owner Dan Snyder adamantly proclaimed in 2017 that the name would never be changed.

Something has changed, though. Snyder’s tune.

How the early Americans ever came to be described as Redskins is hard to fathom. We have known a few persons of that descent, and not one of them was anything close to any shade of red we have ever seen.

For that matter, Caucasians, or White people, are anything but white; for the most part, they are a weird variety of tan shades.

Likewise, we have yet to see an Asian that is anything close to yellow, or an African who seemed to be actual black.

Vintage Washington Football Team merchandise from the past will rise in value. Maybe Snyder is sitting on several warehouses’ full. The temporary merchandise should increase in worth in the years to come after the next permanent name is announced.

Since the topic has been raised, we would submit a petition to the Melbourne Demons to change their name, as we sinners are reminded of our transgressions every time the club takes the ground.

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