Familiarity breeds contempt, but success breeds expectations.

The Wallabies lifted the William Webb Ellis Cup for a third time, which would seem to have been the zenith for the squad since Michael Cheika too on the second-toughest job in Australian sports.

What’s the word for the opposite of zenith?


The Wallabies have sunk to almost their lowest, save that time in the past when they won only two of 11 Tests.

The record following the latest Twickenham disaster is nine losses from 13 attempts, yet Cheika seems secure 10 months ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, as the chief concern seems to be upsetting the fragile player mentalities so close to a major competition.

One solution would be to keep the Wallabies out of any fixtures that involve New Zealand, Ireland, England and Wales. You might as well include Scotland in that group and ensure that Australia plays only Italy and Japan in the World Cup, to polish Cheika’s results to the proper sheen.

The list of issues confronting the Wallabies includes the inability to finish set-pieces, which pairing of five-eighth and centre will produce something other than utter chaos and who will play hooker.

Is it time for a complete house cleaning?

Players, supposedly grown men, were acting like college frat boys in Wales. We’ve been in Wales without incident. Yet, there were Kurtley Beale and Adam Ashely-Cooper doing their best Animal House re-enactment following a 9 – 6 loss to Wales. Seeking solace for the salty tears of a loss to rugby minnows in the arms of the Welsh women, it would seem.

Raelene Castle, fresh off her stint as assistant produce manager for Woolies, is out of her depth, not that than her predecessor Bill Pulver was doing the job. Disclosure: Castle used to run the Canterbury Bulldogs. Enough said.

Eddie Jones, Cheika’s old mate at Randwick, told reporters, “You can criticise a coach but if your system is not right then you have to look at the system. With Ireland and New Zealand — particularly with Ireland — if you have a centralised system for a small player pool you can be a very good team and consistent.Australia doesn’t have that and that is what they need and that advice is for free.”

Maybe RA should pay Jones and buy him a ticket back. New Zealand has a small pool considering the size of the country, and they do okay.

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