Virat Kohli Australia’s Least Popular Man

India is closing on breaking its duck in Australia and on the first day of the fourth Test, the reached 4/303 at stumps to set the bar high for the Australian chasers.

India has a 2 – 1 advantage in the overall series and only a win by Australia to gain a draw can prevent India from doing what it has never done.

One hundred thirty of their 403 came off the bat of Cheteshwar Pujara’s bat, so the vaunted Australia bowlers did not get the job done, so the hopes for a victory and a drawn series might rest with the bats that have been mainly silent.

Such is the situation that Ricky Ponting had to take the fans at the Sydney Cricket Ground to task for booing Virat Kohli as he walked to the crease to take his swings.

We are not aware if Shane Warne weighed in or not, but he possibly was on book tour or was for some other reason silent. It could simply be that we missed his comments, as it is hard to imagine Warne with nothing to say.

It should be pointed out that it was only certain sections, not the entire stadium that earned the wrath of Ponting.

“If it was booing then it’s absolutely disgraceful,” Ponting said on Channel 7. “I said that in the Perth Test as well. Show some respect.”

Ponting’s comments were spot on in one respect, but in another, it seems as though he is living in the past, when cricket was the epitome of good sportsmanship and decorum.

Some of Ponting’s comments almost seemed as though Kohli’s status as captain entitles Kohli to better treatment than any of the others, but Ponting was captain at one time.

Kohli is not beyond reproach. He delivered an obscene gesture to the crowd at SCG in his maiden tour of Australia in 2012. That bird cost Kohli half of his match fee, but that did not stop him from dropping a ton on Australia later on in the series.

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