We once had to miss some of our writing duties because of using our left thumb, the one that manages the spacebar, to smack a hammer that was sledging us. All of our articles looked like this: Winxwonher30thinarowbeatingastrongfieldeasily.

Our editor was not impressed, although he might have missed an opportunity to get his content at a discount, since he pays us by the word and would have received quite a few one-word articles.

When we recovered and came back, it took a little while for our previous skill to reemerge.

It is therefore quite easy for us to imagine the task confronted by UFC heavyweight legend Cain Velasquez when he returned to the octagon for UFC Fight Night in Phoenix after almost three years away.

Velasquez’s return lasted under half a minute. His opponent was Francis Ngannou, a Cameroonian knockout artist, who used a quick combination and an uppercut to put Velasquez on the canvas.

The loss by Velasquez was made worse by the fact that he grew up within walking distance of the Talking Stick Resort Arena, where the event was held.

Velasquez’s post-fight comments were nearly as short as the fight.

“Give it up to Francis. He came in here, he did his job. I stayed a little too close too early.”

Velasquez went on to indicate that he would arise from the ashes of Phoenix, saying, that he was, “All good. I felt super ready for this fight. Even coming in here (the Octagon), super calm and relaxed and ready to go.”

The two-and-a-half years Velasquez spent away is an eternity in MMA fighting. A comeback after that much time away would be far more compelling than say, Tiger Woods returning to golf after missing so much time from injury.

UFC fans the world over might be hoping for a rebate of their admission, as the main event in Phoenix was over as soon as it started, while in Oz, Rob Whittaker had to undergo emergency surgery that kept him out of UFC 234 in Melbourne, where he had been scheduled to defend his middleweight title against Kelvin Gastelum.

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