We wish a successful new year to everyone, especially to Dana White and the UFC, facing the scenario, as they are, of postponing UFC 233 due to the lack of a marquee event to justify pay-per-view subscriptions.

The UFC derives a huge chunk of its revenue from selling viewing rights.

Without a big-name contest, the only route open was to move the other fights on the card to other UFC MMA events.

They had one set, but the one they had was moved a week forward from the January 26 date to feature on the debut of ESPN’s U S streaming service ESPN+.

From its humble beginnings back in 1979, when the very thought of a network covering nothing but sports was considered ludicrous, to the present time, where ESPN is a major shot-caller at every level of sports.

The UFC received a better deal, pure and simple.

Business 101.

The feature was to have been a flyweight title fight between Henry Cejudo and T J Dillashaw. Those two will have one week less to prepare, but as long as they have been doing their jobs, that seven days should not matter much and they may find their pay envelopes fatter, so long as there is justice in the world.

A possible replacement match could not be set up, as welterweight Tyron Woodley’s hand injury prevented it.

The UFC plans to reschedule the pay-per-view event, as it is their intention to hold 12 in 2019.

It will be on the calendar sometime after UFC 234 in Melbourne in February.

What can we say?

It is highly doubtful that loyal UFC fans will abandon their code of choice over a scheduling conflict. After all, they remained loyal through the exact same just about a year ago.

January does not seem to be a good month for the UFC, but the rest of the year has been just fine, thank you.

On that 2017 occasion, the missed January event was run in August and those who wait will have the chance to plonk down their ppv fee.

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