There are names given to certain rounds of the AFL season.

Round five is the Easter Round. Round 6 is the Anzac Round. Rounds 10 and 11 are the Sir Doug Nicholls Round, weeks one and two.

In that fashion, we suggest that Round 21 of the Toyota AFL Premiership competition be declared the Slumber Round.

With an 18-club league playing 22 home-and-away games, there are bound to be weeks like this.

Members and supporters aside, Round 21 has almost nothing on offer in terms of must-see action.

The top clubs will be playing the hopeless clubs, where the main incentive will be to improve percentages.

Yes, we have to admit that there could be a startling result, but with the exception of Essendon v. Western Bulldogs and possibly St. Kilda v. Fremantle, the lines we are seeing suggest putting our feet up and taking a nice long nap, starting on Friday night and concluding on Sunday.

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