The Brits used their heads to beat Sweden 2 – nil and gain the semifinals of 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament.

Ten of them, at any rate. We do not recall an instance of Jordan Pickford heading off any of Sweden’s shots on goal.

England scored from set piece deflections off the noggins of Harry Maguire, who we suspect might actually be of Irish lineage and Dele Alli, who would fit in anywhere in the world.

The Brits were appropriately prim and proper, the team, manager and coaches, at any rate. Back in England, the Boys showed the sort of jubilation of which we did not think the Poms capable.

Three Lions Captain Harry Kane said afterward, “We looked composed. We looked like we controlled the game.”

Sweden looked like their typical selves, working hard to continue an advancement no one had predicted pre-tournament, other than the Swedish players, who could scarcely have said otherwise.

England was also not expected to run so deep. They had been unable to get to this stage prior, not even when they had the Likes of Bender Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard, three of the brightest luminaries ever to grace the pitch for England.

England did win it all back in 1966, but the last time an English side made it as far as the semis was back in 1990, the first in a series of shootout dismissals, one of which, in 1996 which still haunts then player and now manager Gareth Southgate.

The fever pitch over the pitch results are echoing throughout England, where even in the staid and hushed confines of the All England Tennis Club, where some tennis tournament was being played, spectators spent equal time watching the tennis and following the proceedings in Russia on their personal video devices.

England has relied on the set piece to supply the bulk of its scoring at FIFA 2018. Eight of their 11-goal total has come via that method. In the game with Sweden, Maguire headed his in during the 30th minute and Alli used his noggin to net the second in the 59th.

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