One journo described the 58 – 6 victory by the Sydney Roosters over the Gold Coast Titans as a warning shot across the bows of the rest of the finals clubs in the Telstra 2019 NRL Premiership competition.

We have been known to fling a bit of hyperbole around when it suited, but we are talking about Gold Coast here.

Gold Coast playing at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Gold Coast that have won four games this season, have lost four consecutive games and have succeeded in making the Canterbury Bulldogs appear formidable.

The figures do show, however, that Canterbury is averaging almost 16 points per game this season, just one fewer than North Queensland and three fewer than Penrith, so if the Roosters holding Gold Coast to six points is the point being made, we will gladly cede the high ground.

The 58 scored by the Chooks is the first time they have gone above 50 at SCG since 1937.

The victory moved Sydney up to second on the ladder and they share a 4 – 1 recent form line with Melbourne. They are tied on points and won – lost record with Canberra, but enjoy an advantage of 38 in the differentials.

Latrell Mitchell might need to switch to his reserve legs following a performance that included two tires and nine goals from 10 attempts. Mitchell alone outscored the Titans by 20 points. Mitchell holds a four-point lead over Cameron Smith for the league leader in scoring.

To their credit, Sydney took the opportunity to narrow the differential gap with Melbourne, but the Storm was busy racking up 40 on Brisbane, so only a little ground was gained.

Round 21 holds some interesting matches, as Melbourne will be moving up the ladder to meet the Rabbitohs and the Roosters face a form Canberra team, so the round could be considered a mini preview of what might be expected when finals finally roll around.

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