We are not suggesting that someone in the dead of night replaced the turf of the Sydney Cricket Ground with the discarded grass from Eagle Farm, but the SCG looks as though it has been soaked thoroughly and then permitted elephants to have their way.

The SCG Trust has promised to have a proper surface on place when the Rabbitohs and the Roosters tee off in Round 1 Friday night coming and there is a true sense of urgency.

There are a lot of football games being played there. We can only imagine what the other codes that use the venue must be thinking. We do not think the cricket players are responsible.

No, it was those guys from the rival Super Rugby competition who ripped apart large sections of the surface in an inter-conference game between NSW and Queensland.

The Super Rugby group cannot be happy, as it was not really they causing the destruction, either, but during their match, the grounds keepers were in action with various implenmetns of their trade following every scrum.

The SCG is normally reserved for cricket and AFL games, so if we cannot blame the cricketers, we certainly cannot blame the AFL-ers, because they have yet to start for the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition.

The plan going forward is to replace 3000 square metres of turf, where the eastern and western ends of the field were shredded, or in the word of the SCG Trust, “compromised.”

Maybe it was premature to demolish Allianz Stadium, but hey, progress!

Roosters’ chief executive Joe Kelly expressed confidence that there will be no instances of collapsed scrums, responding to concerns from the Rugby Union Players Association.

“Everything is fine for Friday evening,” Kelly told AAP. “It will be certainly ready midweek. There will be no issue at all for Friday night’s game. We’ve received assurances from the Trust that that will certainly be the case.”

Our mums used to tell us not to burn our bridges, but this seems like a case of bridges not only being burned, but petrol used to make the job complete.

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