G’Night Collingwood. We hate to see you go.

Worry not, Pie supporters. The AFL will arrange the 2020 fixture so that yourclub play Gold Coast every week.

The sense of relief in these parts is palpable, as the prospect of supporting Richmond in the Grand Final was unbearable.

GWS 56 – Collingwood 52.

GWS refused to be denied by tribunal or the mob of truncheon bearers that met the Giants’ van as it pulled up to MCG to arrest what remained of the Giants’ list.

Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum! We smell the blood of a Collingwood man.


Jack could be neither nimble nor quick enough to cut down the beanstalk as GWS descended to reclaim its golden goose and magic harp.

On balance, it is true that GWS had what turned out to be an easy path through finals. Western Bulldogs were always pretenders and while Brisbane broke our hearts, their number two finish in the home-and-away season was more the result of a fixture befitting a club that finished 15th the year prior.

We will wait a few days to launch the Richmond conspiracy theories, but mind you, only a few.

In the interim, suffice it to say that one bookie have the Tigers priced at $1.35 to the Giants’ $3.25, with any punters looking to cover the line and back Richmond looking for the Tigers to win by 18.5 points or more.

Bookies have been known to be wrong and in this instance, as recently as last week, because if memory serves, Collingwood were favoured by 16.5.

Memory had nothing to do with it, actually, as we often gets our days of the week and our time zones confused and while we are not fans of the Giants, nor do we truly loathe Collingwood, the way the lead-up to the game played out for GWS restores our faith in miracles.

We had made a note of the line for the game so we would have something as a point of reference.

Now if someone could remind us of where we parked the car and with whom we left the keys…

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