He was wearing no skirt, yet Sydney Swans key defender Dane Rampe decided to get into an altercation with St. Kilda key defender Jake Carlisle during the recent match at the Gabba, a 101 – 48 victory for the Saints.

The Saints’ prayers, apparently, were answered, somewhat belatedly, as St. Kilda beat Sydney for the first time in eight years dating back to Round 9 of the 2012 season.

Dane Rampe recently underwent surgery for an issue with his broken right hand.

Even we dimly witted journos know that beating someone with one hand tied behind the back is a poor way to approach a fight.

The video of the incident showed little to justify the AFL in fining Jake Carlisle for the crime of targeting.

Dane Rampe obviously had no reservations about getting into the middle of the fracca, even though he asked none of his mates to hold his spectacles.

Jake Carlisle was charged with Misconduct of the upper case M variety, which carried a $750 fine as a first offense. He was able to reduce it to lower case misconduct by pleading early, saving himself $250 in the bargain.

During “normal” times, the fine would have been $1,500 and could have been reduced to $1,000, but the AFL has reduced fines and sanctions by 50 percent for the 2020 Toyota AFL Premiership Season.

We know it is called footy, but we question the Swans decision to field a player with a surgically repaired broken hand. We question Dan Rampe’s decision to play and his decision to be involved in a physical dispute.

Most footy fights are mainly shoving matches and name-calling, much as were our schoolyard conflicts.

We can almost imagine either Carlisle or Rampe saying, “Oh Yeah? Meet me behind the Gabba after the bell rings.”

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