The powers of persuasion that permitted new Warriors Coach Anthony Seibold to convince Greg Inglis to play on paid immediate dividends when the Warriors upset the South Sydney Rabbitohs in Round 1 action of the 2018 Telstra NRL Premiership competition.

The Kiwis surprised the Bunnies 32 – 20, with both teams playing on the road in Perth’s new sports palace, which is named Optus Stadium, even in Xanadu might seem more fitting – Bookmakers Free Bets

As recently as late December 2017, Inglis was fairly certain that it was time to put league behind him. He had spent close to a year undergoing the rehabilitation process after ACL surgery, so it would be natural for anyone to have doubts creep in.

Warriors Coach Anthony Seibold

In an interview with former Olympic sprinter Matt Shirvington of Fox League, Inglis said, “To be brutally honest yes. I actually thought to myself, ‘I’m not playing footy, I don’t think my knee’s getting any better’ and it just came over to me for a split second. “Then I rang up Anthony Seibs and had a chat to him about it just after Christmas and he just reassured me and said, ‘OK, I’m more worried about you as a person than Greg Inglis the footballer. I want to know where you’re at and what’s your thoughts, come into training and don’t make any rash decisions now.’

That simple yet sage advice were the exact magic words Inglis needed to hear as he heard what he needed to do to extend the twilight of his career and accept the inevitable limitations that come with being 31 years of age and a veteran of 117 games for the Melbourne Storm and another 127 for the team he played a key role in upsetting in Round 1.

The most important wisdom Seibold imparted was succinctly summed up by Inglis himself, “My left leg’s not going to be the same size as it used to be, so I’ve already come to terms with that, it’s just rehab, rehab, rehab every single day and making sure I’m on top of that,” Inglis said.

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