As we had suspected, the AFL rung in the Gold Coast Suns for the last game of the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition.

Final it may have been.

Nothing grand about it.

These were supposedly the two best teams in the league.

Richmond proved themselves the best.

They might have some ‘splainin to do, however, as the MCG is listed as having a capacity of 100,024, yet the game claimed a crowd of 100,014.

Ten empty seats is an issue, but the larger issue for the AFL is how, after 396 home-and-away games and eight games of finals, all that could be managed for the last game of the season was a 114 – 25 score that in many ways mimicked the 2019 opener at MCG between Richmond and Carlton.

Carlton actually scored 64 points in that first game. Where are the Blues when you need them?

Sydney cannot even claim the distinction of having the lowest point output for any game this season. That award goes to North Melbourne and their 14-point performance in Round 21.

Richmond were ahead by 62 points at three-quarter time, but their bloodlust ran high for the remainder of the game and they made it an 89-point margin at the final siren.

It was as though the All Blacks had run out to play that gang from Japan, what are they, the Gin Blossoms, or the Cherry Blossoms.

While we are typically melancholy to see the season end and anticipatory for the new season to begin, this one left a bad taste in our mouths for any number of reasons, some of which we have droned on about ad infinitum and do not wish to revisit at this time.

We would have enjoyed the Grand Final outcome we got if the club with the 25 at the end had been Collingwood, but the question that will linger in our minds for the entire off-season will be the one over how one of the greatest sports events, not only in Australia, but worldwide, was reduced to a Richmond kicking drill.

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