Once again sent home from a World Cup tournament as a representative of Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Spanish side Real Madrid to take up a post with the Italian club Juventus.

Ronaldo requested the move and Real reached an agreement with Juventus for the 33-year-old who has spent nine years with Real Madrid.

Ronaldo was in Greece for a holiday spell, but he had time to meet and discuss business with Juventus President Andrea Agnelli to meet with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo seems to think he has a lot of time left on his clock, telling the interviewer on the Spanish TV program El Chiringuito (literally, small business), “Right now I have a biological age of 23. “I’ve still got a long time left, I can keep playing until I’m 41.”

Whether or not he can play World Cup football at 37 and 41 for Portugal will be interesting to observe. No doubt, at this moment, there are more than a few 12-year-olds with Ronaldo posters on their walls who would be only glad to take Ronaldo’s spot if the opportunity presents itself for World Cup 2026 in North America.

While World Cup distinction has eluded Ronaldo, he does not lack for silverware, the most recent one to join his collection being the UEFA Champions League trophy that joins his collection.

He signed a five-year deal with Real Madrid in 2016, saying that he wanted to finish his career there, but he has grown weary of the lack of respect some of the fans at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium have expressed toward him.

He might want to make room for the bust of him that used to grace the environs of the Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira Airport. The statue was widely mocked as bearing not actual resemblance to Ronaldo. Sort of the same thing we say about our selfies.

That is the true sign of superstardom. Not only are you mocked personally, but your statue is mocked as well.

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