Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson decided on his own to be tested for corona virus after waking up with a sore throat and deciding it was prudent to visit the doctor.

Robinson said, “You can’t go in there with 50 guys, you can’t risk anybody, so I stayed away.”

The away from which he was staying was the first day of training for the Chooks.

Good luck to him, but regardless of the outcome, the NRL has determined it will not reset the table to zero and ignore the outcome of the first two games, both of which were lost by the reigning premiers.

Robinson did have the stamina to play his favourite song, which was to launch barbs at the referees and the video review system.

He did so last week, but it is doubtful that he raised his voice to the point of hoarseness and his vocal cords are quite well adapted to complaining about referees and reviews.

The most recent official to run afoul of Robinson was Ben Cummins, whom Robinson characterized as “disrespectful,” while he said the review process was making the league “soft.”

The league holds a rather dim view of complaining about referees and the controversial “bunker,” but Robinson’s back was guarded by Roosters’ honchos Nick Politis and John Lee.

The NRL will probably levy a heavy fine on Robinson, but if they could forgive Souths player Latrell Mitchell for the $30,000 they levied and suspended for violating social distancing measures, they might be willing to treat Robinson with some leniency for speaking his mind.

Robinson went into detail about the beef betwixt his club and referee Cummins. He pointed out that his club had a high percentage win rate up until this year, but only two wins in games that were overseen by Cummins.

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