At something of a loss for something productive to do this weekend, what with the AFL taking the week, we cast about for something to occupy us and found the U.S. Open in New York supplying plenty of juicy news.

Specifically, Mr. Nick Kyrgios, who never fails to add interest to anything in his sphere of influence.

Sounding for all the world like the current inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, when asked for his thoughts about the record-setting fine he copped for his boilover at the Cincinnati Open, he replied, “The ATP is pretty corrupt anyway. I’m not fussed about it at all. I was fined $113,000 K for what? Why are we talking about something that happened three weeks ago when I just chopped up someone first round of a US Open?”

He did win his first round match with American Steve Johnson in straight sets, but it was hardly as one-sided as “chopped up” would seem to imply.

There was some talk and speculation that the tempestuous Kyrgios might not be permitted to play the U.S. Open, but if there is a suspension for Cincinnati in Kyrgios future, it will have to wait for now.

The fact that Kyrgios was fined comes as no surprise. The fact that the fine was potentially the largest in the history of the game is not especially noteworthy, as Kyrgios accumulated eight separate offenses in his second-round loss at the Cincinnati Masters to Karen Khachanov.

(We checked, despite the given name of Karen, Khachanov is male.)

It was the odd figure of the fine that caught our attention.

When it comes to dollar figures that require six digits, round numbers will suffice.

True to his convictions, Kyrgios was not in any way displaying any chagrin over this most recent incident, but considering he was suspended for tanking in China during a tournament in late 2016 and ordered to undergo counseling, maybe he should go after the counselor and ask for a refund, if he ever paid that tab.

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