When you dad is the coach, you have to supply an exemplary example to the other players. Dad is responsible for not showing son any favourtism, even going out of the way to the opposite extreme.

This view of family connections apparently did not hold water for Nathan Cleary of the Penrith Panthers.

Cleary the younger copped a potential two-match ban and a $30,000 fine for an amended breach notice.

Cleary and his roommate/teammate Tyrone May ran afoul of the NRL Integrity Unit.

Drawing a suspension from a suspended league has to be a unique distinction, but these are unique times, are they not?

Cleary would sit the first two matches when/if play resumes at the end of the month. We could not say the end of May, as we did not want to sow confusion between the month and the player.

In our wilder days, we might have liked to go round to the Cleary/May flat, because there were apparently some interesting things taking place and there were no doubt more than a few ragers.

May was involved in some true shenanigans, while Cleary violated social distancing guidelines by being photographed with a group of women at his house.

The two Panthers, already at a loss over the NRL halt, along with the uncertainty of not knowing if/when the pay cheques would resume, found other things to occupy their time.

Exactly where the two will get the money to cover the fines is intriguing.

It would be tempting to speculate that the fines will be dropped or greatly reduced, with the playing bans upheld, but in uncertain times, there is little certainty that the NRL will return to business as usual.

Both May and Cleary will have a chance to have their say about the matter, so along with Cleary and May’s flat, the NRL hearing room might be an interesting place.

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