While the nation was stopped, the footy player of the AFL returned to motion with pre-season activities.

What, then? Is this now a yearlong job such as us poor writers have?

It seems fitting that the Carlton Blues were the first to resume, as they finished quite a bit earlier, as early as the 19th Round of the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition, the wags might say, as that was the last time they won a match for the year.

The Blues simply may have been running from the 104-point thrashing the Adelaide Crows Collective handed them in the final round.

It was not just Carlton, in actuality; multiple clubs have resumed training.

Carlton’s new co-captain Sam Docherty led Carlton out for a jog. Luke Hodge, having had enough of Hawthorn, what with those four premierships clogging up the works of his jewelry armoire, took the Brisbane Lions out for a spin in his second season of exile.

Lucrative exile, we might add.

The Crows Collective, actually an assemblage of crows is known as a “murder,” which is fitting, given Adelaide’s fall from grace last season, was led to the track by Rory Sloane and Bryce Gibbs.

The Roos, Dockers, Power and Suns also returned to begin preparations for the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition, although some might say off those clubs that it would not be premature to start thinking about 2020, or even 2021.

When they were not busy running, many of the players found a few spare moments to tweet, quite a few moments, apparently, judging from the number of selfies to which we were exposed.

Richmond, Collingwood and Geelong need to get going, as those three, along with the Blues, will inaugurate the new season three weeks into March 2019.

Four months, 14 days, 16 hours, 44 minutes and 49 seconds for any who are interested in knowing.

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