Todd Greenberg has left his post as chief executive of the NRL after four years on the job. His contract was through the end of the season, but it is hard to ascertain when that end might be.

Reports suggest that he had a falling out with ARLC chairman Peter V’landys, but some of the clubs in the NRL were less than thrilled with the direction of the NRL during Greenberg’s tenure.

The league issued a statement saying that the decision was “mutually agreed to,” which is code speak for resign or be fired.

According to V’landys, “The ARLC thanks Todd for his contribution to the game over the last seven years and as chief executive for the last four years.”

According to Greenberg, “It has been my great honour and privilege to be the CEO of the NRL for the last four years.”

The NRL is looking for any and all methods to reduce the stream of red ink currently facing it and the job, at least on an interim basis, fall to chief commercial officer Andrew Abdo. It is expected that other NRL executives might be dismissed.

We were neutral in our feelings toward Greenberg and while some of the clubs did not care for him, NRL clubs seldom have the option of objectivity.

Australia have done an exceptional job of limiting the toll of Covid-19 and it is unfortunate that the containment effort has shut down professional and amateur sports competitions, but despite the economic impact across the nation, Australia’s response to the crisis could be seen as the correct response.

Some hold the view that Phil Gould should be the next in the line of succession, but it remains to be seen if Gould turns out to be the next NRL CEO.

Only last week, V’landys was publicly backing Greenberg after Greenberg fell under scrutiny for his handling of the NRL’s finances.

Greenberg cut NRL player salaries by 74 percent, but did not take a commensurate reduction to his own salary.

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