Round 15 of the Telstra 2020 NRL Premiership competition is about to begin.

It seems almost a shame, certainly is anticlimactic, that what looks the best game of the round is first up.

Number 2 Melbourne Storm will venture to Sydney to play number three Parramatta Eels.

This should have been the closer for Round 15. Pity those who build the fixtures do not know ahead of time which teams will be relevant this far into the season.

Melbourne might have some fire in their bellies finding themselves the four-point unders. By the way, where is that half point of spread the bookies generally tack on to any line in order to trip the punters?

Penrith is playing Cronulla as 8.5-point favourites in Penrith. The Sharks will need to grow a couple extra rows of teeth and extra backrowers to win this one.

Broncos versus Dragons at Suncorp? The only persons who care about this one are the Broncos’ mums and those rubberneckers who live to see a train wreck.

Ditto Gold Coast versus Canberra at Cbus. The Titans acted competent and teased us early in the season, and then proved that all that glitters is not Gold Coast.

Wests and Sydney at Leichardt Oval looks okay, worth watching, at any rate. Both teams have slumped by comparison to last year and this game features a clash of eighth versus 10th.

What if they held a Warrior and no one came? That pretty much sums up New Zealand and Canterbury at ANZ.

Finally, Newcastle will play North Queensland in Newcastle’s McDonald Jones Stadium.

Our fantasy winners for Round 15 of the Telstra 2020 NRL Premiership competition are Melbourne, Penrith, St. George, Canberra, Sydney, Manly, New Zealand, and New Castle.

Melbourne beating Parramatta would be a slight upset, as would Manly beating the Bunnies and New Zealand beating Canterbury, even though the Warriors are favoured.

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