The NFL Super Bowl lineup is set.

The Los Angeles Rams stole their way in as the representatives from the National Football Conference NFC).

The New England Patriots will be the representatives from the American Football Conference. Kansas City Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid was outclassed by Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick. Belichick’s strategy was to do whatever required to keep the ball away from Kansas City’s explosive offense, but the ultimate decider in the game was Ne England’s winning the OT coin toss and getting the ball first.

The NFL readily sacrificed all semblance of credibility. Pass interference and offensive holding, two omnipresent penalties during the regular season, were almost entirely missing.

In the NFC game, the New Orleans Saints were denied a pass interference call late in the game that may well have changed the outcome. Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman hit Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis so blatantly before Drew Brees’ pass arrived that it was ludicrous beyond belief.

Shown a replay on a reporter’s phone after the game, Robey-Coleman said, “Oh, hell yeah. That was P.I.” (pass interference). When the offending player admits his crime, rather than emit some officiating clichés, no further comment is necessary.

The second game did not lack for a controversial call or two, or two hundred. There were really too many to mention in detail, but several on-field calls were reversed following hundreds of replay views.

There are seven officials on the field for an NFL game and dozens of cameras of every imaginable type, yet simple calls are blown for reasons that deny understanding.

The truly amazing thing to see, or in this case, not see, was the almost complete lack of holding calls against the offensive linemen from either team in either game.

Regular viewers are accustomed to seeing three holding calls on one offensive possession during the regular season. It is as though a fairy godmother came along the night before the game and taught the offensive lineman how to block with their hands tied behind their backs.

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