After tearing ourselves away from Cricket Australia’ version of The Apprentice, we went looking for reality, which we found in the form of Mitch Marsh.

The new vice-captain of the Australian XI has come to the conclusion that he has lit upon a solution to his troubles with the bat and will be ready when it comes time to deliver against India.

Hopefully, the solution is real and the results dramatic, as his results against the Pakistan side in the Tests played in the United Arab Emirates would suggest that Marsh’s anemic 17.16 average since March has nowhere to go but up.

Marsh has been swinging a bit better in Shield play. He conked 151 for Western Australia in a match with Queensland.

Virat Kohli and that lot must be quaking in their boots.

“I feel like I’m batting really well. I came home and looked at a lot of footage from the UAE and tinkered with a few things,” Marsh told reporters on Wednesday.

Cricket players can be an odd lot at times, as they can bring their top game to the pitch and leave with little to show, but on other days, fortune seems to fill in where skill is not at its keenest.

In other words, cricket players can be head cases, since they often do not know why they experience the outcomes they experience.

Marsh hopefully will avoid any encounters with Collective Minds, although judging by Australia cricket results of late, it would seem that the brain trust that turned the Adelaide Crows into a hot mess is firmly entrenched in the Baggy Green.

Marsh’s comments following his Shield hit out seemed to add weight to the role of psychology in batting.

“I sort of lost a bit of my intent, which for me is really important,” he told reporters.

He noticed some mechanical things as well.

“My eyes weren’t quite level at the point of release … I tend to fall over at times and get hit on the pad which we saw.”

A brace or two of sixes, maybe two or three braces, and all will be forgotten by the spectators, but Marsh will have to have his memory thoroughly scrubbed to erase three LBW dismissals in four innings in the UAE.

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