Congratulations to Johnathan Thurston and Samantha on the birth of their first child.

We wish them well, hope that perhaps some of JT’s athletic DNA is passed along, and would be remiss if we did not mention the uncanny resemblance between JT and Jim Halpern of the American version of “The Office.”

JT has not gone into the paper selling business, though.

He will be spending time as an analyst for the Channel 9 commentary team when he is not involved with dad duty.

Thurston will also be mentoring young Tom Dearden of Brisbane, a 17-year-old with the heavy expectations of being the next JT. Dearden is represented by the same agent, Sam Ayoub, who represented Thurston.

That news was reported by The Courier Mail, with Ayoub commenting, “Tom has the perfect mentor in JT. He is a very different player to Johnathan, but he has great maturity and skill for a 17-year-old. I took Tom to watch JT for his last game against the Titans last year, he has always idolised JT and now he is spending time with him.”

We are not completely certain of what constitutes great maturity in a 17-year-old. Perhaps Dearden is already self-aware enough to have at least started to recover from the disease many 17-year-olds exhibit, that disease of already knowing everything there is to know.

North Queensland is having the more difficult transition to life after Thurston. They are still undecided about their new five-eighth, a decision which grew increasingly complicated following the performance of Jake Clifford, who set up three tries in trail game play.

Cowboys Coach Paul Green described the competition between Clifford and Te Maire Martin as, “It is (neck and neck). They both had their moments when they played well and they also both had their moments when they could be better.”

Green has to get it right from the start. The tool shed at North Queensland is well stocked with sharp axes.

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