The tremours from the Longstaff Review are still echoing in the halls of Australian Cricket.

Cricket Australia has sworn in Earl Eddings as its chairman. Eddings has been serving in an interim capacity following the resignation of David Peever, who unceremoniously left his post after the release of the Longstaff review, where almost every aspect of Australian cricket, from the length of the grass on the pitch to how the drinks were carried came under scrutiny.

All right then, that list bit may have been excessive, but the review conducted in the wake of the South Africa ball-tampering incident had little positive about the way Cricket Australia was conducting things in it.

Cricket Australia elevated Eddings despite the lack of support from Cricket Victoria, where Eddings served as a director for nine years.

Cricket Victoria’s preference would have been for the interim status next to Eddings’ name to remain in place longer, “While Australian cricket undertakes a thorough process to fill the recent Board vacancies.”

Cricket Victoria had other things to say, but it could have been a case of Cricket Australia asking who wanted the job and Eddings putting his hand up.

There are other jobs open, but the elevation of Eddings was anything but unanimous. Support did come from Cricket Queensland in the form of a statement from Judge Sal Vasta that read, in part, “Queensland Cricket welcomes the appointment of Earl Eddings to the position of Chairman of the Cricket Australia Board.”

Eddings’ job is secure until October of 2019, when Cricket Australia holds its Annual General Meeting to take a step back and give the various state associations an opportunity to weigh in.

Peever was a unanimous choice, earning reelection in October. That was three days before the Ethics Centre released its review and the state authorities had seen the review.

It would seem as though Eddings would gain some support if Australian men’s cricket shows anything resembling a pulse and the upcoming Test with India would be a good start, even though a series win would by October 2019 be a distant memory.

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