While we may not consider it news, rather, a confirmation of our prediction, reports have surfaced that the North Queensland Cowboys are in a good position to bring Valentine Holmes back to the NRL.

Holmes had been on a tour of the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave and Unlimited Ammunition, trying to get a NFL job with the New York Jets of the NFL.

Our sense of déjà vu has been tingling all along; as this story is identical to that of another NRL player who tried the same gambit a couple of years before Holmes tried his.

In fact, we could go back into our archives, change the name of Holmes to Hayne, change a couple names of NFL and NRL clubs and our work for the day would be complete.

The very concept that an athlete of Holmes’ obvious ability could not get a job with one of the poorer NFL clubs, poor in the results sense, not in the money sense, only points out the vast chasm between two sports codes that both consider themselves football.

Holmes is set to milk the Cows for about $1 million per season and while it may sound like a case of jaundice to say, “We told you so,” we so enjoy the rare occasions when we get one right that we will be shouting tinnies from the rooftops from now until the Telstra 2020 NRL Premiership competition gets underway.

News Corp Australia is reporting that “Only an eleventh-hour change of heart,” could derail the deal.

The unwitting dupe in the proceedings, not that we consider him stupid, is Latrell Mitchell, whose only slightly questionable move is leaving Sydney for Townsville.

With the Cowboys paying many cattle for the services of Michael Morgan and Jason Taumalolo, the signing of Homes by North Queensland might leave the club a few bucks short of a barn.

Mitchell’s shortcoming would appear to be that he has been loyal to the NRL and the Chooks for almost 100 games, represented NSW admirably in State of Origin and was awarded a Dally M centre of the year award.

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