There are times when it seems as though the Sun never shines in Queensland and there is a dearth of things that glitter, gold or otherwise, especially for the AFL franchise, the Gold Coast Suns.

It almost leads one to wonder how long Australian Rules football can hang on in a place where rugby still holds sway, even though the Titans of the NRL seem to be the occupying laughing stock status.

The AFL side in Gold Coast is trying to secure the services of Tom Lynch with a seven-year deal, but that may come at the cost of out-of-contract midfielder Aaron Hall, who is biding his time to see what the Suns can offer him, or what they have left, after they finish with Lynch.

Hall has had a tempestuous stint with the Suns. His teammates were on him at times in the past for his apparent disinterest in on the defensive side of things and the coaches have been less than glowing when rating Hall’s contested efforts.

It would seem that after this past off-season, when there was yet another less than favourable review of his contributions during the 2017 season, that the Suns were pursuing a trade to move Hall along to one of the other sides, but that plan did not come to fruition following the bolt of Adam Saad, who pined for a return to the Melbourne area, citing the catch-all “family reasons.”

Hall is represented by Liam Pickering, who has the brains to realise that if the Suns are successful in their pursuit of Lynch, there may not be anything left in the vault for Hall.

Hall was able to speak positively about the impact of new Suns’ Coach Stuart Dew, which was not hard to do, given the 56-point beating handed to the Geelong Cats in JLT Community Series play.

Hall appreciates Dew’s emphasis on creating pressure against the opposition. “It doesn’t matter who you’re playing, if you can bring that pressure, then we can then bring our offensive movement going forward, we can do some damage,” he said. “It’s what Dewy’s brought in, that high pressure, getting after the opposition and forcing them to turn it over.”

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