The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 118 – 113 with a game to spare. It was a close game until the final quarter, when a Stephen Curry scoring explosion sent the Rockets into summer vacation and Houston guard James Harden in search of the nearest razor.

Throughout the playoffs, many have been asking what was wrong with Curry, as he showed only glimpses of his typical assassin-self and was not demoralising opponents with three-point daggers at crucial times.

Now, we know.

He just needed Keven Durant out of the way for a game.

We were wondering if Golden State could clinch in Houston, as much of the 2018 – 2019 NBA finals has been a home-and-away affair.

The fact that Golden State could win on the road minus the force that is Durant, sends a message that it is a bit premature to write the Warriors off and declare them dead from a possible third consecutive NBA Championship.

They somehow manage to win, despite losing first DeMarcus Cousins, their primary centre, and then Durant. Cousins is done for the season. It is still unclear whether Durant will get back to play in the Western Conference final or not.

The keys to the clinching win by the Warriors were the 12 minutes Andrew Bogut worked.

Just having a little fun at Bogey’s expense. Play him again, Steve Kerr. The best things about Bogut is that he knows how to pass the ball and understands that if he misses his first shot, as he did as the starter for the win over Houston, he should simply shoot no more.

By the time this piece reaches publication, the Warriors’ opponent in the Western Conference final will be known, depending on the outcome of game seven between the Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Did we say opponent?

We meant victim.

We used to feel sympathy for Kevin Durant, stuck down there in Oklahoma with a puzzle with missing pieces.

Now, our sympathies have shifted to Harden, at least until he experiences a miracle escape from Texas and winds up with Golden State for an employer.

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