Brandon Starc, brother of Test cricketer Mitchell Starc, has won the Gold Medal in the high jump at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

None of the other competitors demanded that the height of the crossbar was tampered with, so at least Starc the younger does not have to deal with the same sort of allegations Mitchell is surrounded by, even though we must point out that the left-arm fast bowler was not involved in the ball tampering scam in the South African Test series.

Mitchell was in attendance to see his younger brother on the victory. “How bloody good. (I’m) super proud of him,’’ Mitchell Starc said. “Brandon has worked his backside off and this is such a fitting reward for him.”

Brandon Starc had been stuck at a personal best of 2.31 metres since the 2015 World Championships, but he went well beyond that to claim his Commonwealth Games gold by being the only man in the final to make it over at 2.32 metres.

If Brandon can find another 13 centimetres or so, he can contest the world record of 2.45 metres set by Javier Sotomayor in 1993. For those who still cling to the old ways, 2.45 metres equates to eight feet and ¼ inch and Sotomayor is the only human to have ever cleared eight feet or over in the high jump. A record that has persisted for 25 years in athletics is rare and Starc was not yet born when the record was established. Sotomayor was approaching 26 years of age when he established the modern record.

It’s put my name out there now. 100 per cent,’’ Brandon Starc said.

Starc jumped the highest, of that there is no doubt. Under the rules of high jump, silver medalist Jamal Wilson of the Bahamas passed at the previous height of 2.32 metres, so when the bar was raised to 2.34m, he had only one chance at it and he knocked the bar down with his shoulder.

Carrara Stadium has not been kind to the Poms and in the high jump, their representative Robert Grabarz, holder of the best jump this season at 2.31m, went out at just 2.19m.

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