Some of us have had the disquieting feeling of being unemployed, low on savings and with few future prospects, to the degree that we were close to heading out in the bush to try and bullseye some womp rats in our T-16.

We have also known the pleasure of having a new gig lined up while still collecting from a soon-to-be-former employer, handing in our notice and hoping to be shown the door so that we might have a two-week holiday before starting our new assignment.

So, we know exactly how Tyrone Peachey feels when he has a nice windfall coming his way when he leaves, whenever that departure turns out to be, the Penrith Panthers, to take a spot with the Gold Coast Titans.

Gold Coast Titans

There is something to be said for finishing near the bottom of the ladder, the fate endured by the Titans in the 2017 NRL season. Winning only seven from 24 often means that there is money to be had for player acquisition and Peachey is keen to stuff some of that acquisition money into his pockets.

He has two years remaining on his deal with the Panthers and could be with the Titans as soon as 2019, possibly sooner. It does appear certain that Penrith will see the back of him at some point.

Penrith boss Phil Gould was philosophical about Peachey’s departure.

“We certainly couldn’t pay that money,” Gould told Triple M Rush Hour with MG on Tuesday. “But he deserves it, his form warrants it and from 2020 onwards a deal like that might not be available to him.”

Peachey is 26 now. Two years’ hence might find few teams willing to lay out big money for a player in his sunset years, although he could use his versatility to advantage, as he has played centre, second-row, lock and five-eighth Bonus Bets.

He has yet to play representative, state or international, at the top level, but he has stints with the Indigenous All Stars, NSW City and the Prime Minister’s XII, and as a native of Wellington (the proper Wellington in NSW, not that Kiwi backwater town) he may yet make the leap to a cap with the Wallabies.

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