Yesterday’s meeting between two of the best ever to play quarterback in the NFL, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and New England’s Tom Brady, lived up to the GOAT hype for the majority of the game.

It only seems as though New England gets to play every important game on its home ground, but the game showed the value of being the hosts, as New England simply wore the Packers out near the finish and ran out to a comfortable 31 – 17 win.

The lead-up to the game featured much hype about which quarterback can lay the claim of Greatest Of All Time, but neither had the sort of night that winds up in any record books.

Brady threw for 294 yards and just one touchdown, while Rodgers had just 259 yards and two touchdowns. Those are rather pedestrian figures by current NFL expectations, although no one is denying that both men have impacted American gridiron in ways that will influence generations to come.

Mid-season often finds NFL clubs dealing with missing players.

Brady was without his big tight end weapon Rob Gronkowski, while Rodgers and Green Bay found that their depleted defensive secondary was overmatched by Brady’s experience.

The outcome moved New England to a record of 7 – 2, with the closest pursuer in their AFC East Division the mediocre 5 – 4 Miami Dolphins. With the woeful New York Jets and Buffalo Bills rounding out the division, the situation almost demands a realignment, as an AFC East Divisional title seems to be New England’s the day the season fixture is announced.

Green Bay is a little off this year and through eight games, they have won three, lost four and suffered one of the rare, dreaded draws that throw a spanner into the playoff picture when the season comes down to that phase.

Both quarterbacks proved beyond refute that they will be first-ballot inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame, provided the hall is still standing when Brady decides to call time.

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