Not so Fast, Les Bleus. The French national team was by drawn by the United States 1 – 1 in friendly play in Lyon.

That is not a misprint.

The world’s number seven ranked football team heading into the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals in Russia suffered the ignominy of being tied by a country where football is a game played by heavily armoured gladiators on a striped field, where foot seldom touches ball.

Soccer, as the Yanks call it, is a game designed for old men who need the proper lack of stimulus in order to take a proper afternoon nap.

The young Americans led by Julian Green and net minder Zack Steffen nearly pulled off a win when Green scored in the 44th minute. It required over half an hour for Kylian Mbappe to net the equaliser in minute 78, with the Americans just 12 minutes away from showing the Socceroos that the French are beatable.

France took 19 shots to two for the United States, so Steffen must be doing something right. So far as we know, he has not returned any positive results and his gloves were not adulterated with Velcro.

In prior meetings, France held a 3 – 0 advantage over the young American squad, holding a 10 – 0 advantage in goal scoring.

Steffen is the latest in the line of successors to Tim Howard as the number one net minder for the U.S.

Not sure where the Yanks are headed next, but the number two may have to take over for a bit while the blisters on Steffen’s hands mend and the Americans figure out a new strategy to prevent other sides from using them for future target practice.

Actually, not all the shots France took made it two Steffen. He was credited with seven saves.

Watch out world!

If the U.S. get serious about soccer and become as liberal as some of the other countries, where immigration is encouraged, rather than frowned upon, they might qualify some players for FIFA World Cup 2022 who can get in based on knowing the name of the current Commander In Chief.

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