It seems as though everybody knows how to fix Rugby Australia, save Rugby Australia itself.

England coach Eddie Jones opines that the fix is for RA to stop miming the structures used in other nations, which will apparently supply the cure to facilitate a return to the glory that club rugby once was.

New Zealand simply went the route of staying home to play.

The solution for the national team would be to get Peter V’landys to run the entire operation. He could get that Hansen fellow to serve as coach.

Hansen should be fully recovered from the 2018 Rugby World Cup by now, provided he has learned to deal with the stigma of wearing bronze in place of gold.

For his part, Jones is once again in Japan. He expressed the belief that the Australian Conference of Super Rugby should be culled to three teams.

“I was lucky enough to come through at a club level when club rugby was strong, we used to play down at Randwick we’d get 5,000 people down on a Saturday afternoon and it was one of the biggest games in town,” Jones said during an appearance on The Rugby Ruckus podcast.

That was then, this is now and Jones claims that Super Rugby is what caused the demise of club rugby.

The disarray at RA is startling to behold. The executives have been jumping ship faster than a retiree with a bucket full of tokens arriving at the dock in Monte Carlo.

The suggestion by Jones has some validity. It might put a few players out of work, although many found jobs with other Super Rugby clubs and other leagues when RA shut down the Western Force back in 2017.

Jones may or may not be on the scent of the best solution, but he emphasised that imitating the structures used by other countries has an undesirable stench.

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