When we saw the video of Dustin Johnson hitting three trees on the same hole, our initial reaction is that someone had posted the video of one of our recent rounds, despite the fact that there is absolutely physical zero resemblance between ourselves and Johnson.

Our golf games are very similar, although we hit far more shots than Jonson does during a typical round, but after nearly forty years of chasing perfection on the golf course, two is the most trees we have ever bagged on one hole.

The golf gods are not above doling out a dose of humility from time to time, quite frequently actually, but Johnson handled his with the sort of aplomb that we could never hope to emulate. We once broke a putter when the windmill hole on the mini golf layout timed our attempts at getting through with a degree of perfection bordering on the unimaginable.

Leading by four shots at the time and seemingly on auto-pilot, Johnson limited the damage on the hole to a double bogey, and then went on to erase those two dropped shots with a couple of birdies on the way in.

Three trees for a six on a par four?

The PGA Tour is in Mexico this week. The thin air at high altitude poses challenges around club selection for top players, but Queenslander Cameron Smith apparently feels right at home, lurking around the top of the leaderboard, although he trails Johnson by seven shots and there simply are not enough trees in all the forest for Smith to catch Johnson.

The only other golfer with any sort of chance is Rory McIlroy, who trails by three shots.

McIllroy has the game to close the gap, but Johnson is the sort who keeps his foot on the gas at all times and is rarely subject to succumbing to the pressure of playing from the front.

Marc Leishman will probably not catch Johnson, either. Going into the final round, Leish is 25 shots behind Johnson, so even if Leishman were to shoot an 18, it would avail him not.

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