With the 2019 – 2020 NBA Championship season not far distant, there is updated information regarding the status of former Golden State Warrior turned Brooklyn Net Kevin Durant.

Durant missed some of last season’s playoffs with what seemed a relatively minor calf injury. He returned for Golden State for Game 5 of the NBA Finals after working diligently to rehab, only to tear his Achilles tendon, which required season ending and immediate repair surgery.

He showed a lot of fortitude and he appeared fine in the opening minutes of Game 5, but after a jump shot from which he seemed to come down just fine, he turned to head down the court on defense and came up hobbled after taking one step on his good left leg, and then one on his injured right leg.

At the time, medical reports suggested that he was definitely out for the Finals series with Toronto, and that he was doubtful for the following season.

Later, after he moved from the Warriors to the Nets, there were some indications that he could be back for the upcoming season.

That speculation was put to rest by Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks, who told the Associated Press, “With Kevin, I think what we’re going to say is the expectations are that he’ll be out for the year.”

There is now only the slightest chance that Durant will come back later in the season.

The Nets are displaying rare patience for a professional sports team, but the Nets made the playoffs last season and along with being on the upswing, are focused on the bigger, long-term picture.

Marks reported that Durant has taken a proactive approach to his rehab from the Achilles surgery, but that Durant will be the primary figure when it comes time to decide when he is ready to make a return and it would seem that a cautious approach on his part and the part of the club might be in the best interests of all parties.

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