Less than 11,000 turned out to see the game staged by the AFL in Tasmania in Round 16 of the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition.

Blundstone Arena was half-full or Blundstone Arena was half-empty, according to whether an optimistic or pessimistic perspective is anyone’s perspective.

It may have helped attendance if the AFL could have come up with a better exhibition than a game between the S. Kilda Saints and the North Melbourne Kangaroos.

The Saints have no prayer of playing finals and North Melbourne, currently 10th in the competition, will need some help and in a just universe, a team with more losses than wins should not be making the post season.

The Roos are making a strong case, with a decisive, 44-point win over Collingwood, but with seven wins agasint eight losses, it would appear as though, at a minimum, they need to win four of their last seven and their next five could present multiple opportunities for a stumble.

While we are on the topic of attendance, just over 12,000 turned out to watch Brisbane beat GWS 94 – 74 in Sydney and these are two top-five clubs.

Something else must have the attention on the fine citizens of Sydney and Brisbane, although it is hard to imagine what that might be.

Attendance across the rest of the league was healthy, other than the 16,000 who saved their money and did not bother with the bloodbath 150 – 58 Richmond offered Gold Coast.

The Victorian stadiums were pleasantly full. MCG attracted over 180,000 to three games and Optus Stadium was near capacity to watch the West Coast Eagles dismantle Fremantle 122 – 31. That outcome would tend to make us suspect that the Dockers rang in their AFLW club to play the game.

A tip of the hat to the 55,000 who walked through the gates of The G to watch the Blues and the Dees. Those optimists deserved a reward and they received it with a tight game won by Melbourne 105 – 100.

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