Give us the correct address and we will gladly make a contribution toward Mitch Creek’s $500 fine.

The NBL star apparently directed some expletive laden comments at Adelaide 36ers owner Grant Kelly following a game between the two clubs.

Kelly did not compare Creek to Ed Sheeran.

Although…Creek looks a little like Sheeran, though not nearly so much as Ben Stokes looks like Sheeran.

The NBL found Creek guilty of a code of conduct violation.

“I’m aware that my actions against the 36ers were unprofessional. I apologise and take full responsibility for my behaviour,” Creek said in a statement.

Creek apparently has the apology app used by many professional athletes on his mobile device, as we have heard the same statement, with minor variations in the interest of originality, served up on numerous occasions.

Creek played nine seasons with Adelaide, but left acrimoniously when the Sixers attempted to block him from taking a post with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.

Creek did not quite make muster in the NBA.

He came back to join expansion NBL club Southeast Melbourne Phoenix.

The rort proved disastrous for Adelaide, as social media took the club to task and as everyone knows, the only opinion that matters is the opinion of social media.

Creek, a Vic by birth, is an ideal sort for the NBL.

He comes to work and does his job, so if there is any bad blood between him and Kelly, all he need have done is to make his remarks privately.

No harm, no foul.

Ha! A basketball metaphor!

Besides his only passing resemblance to Ed Sheeran, Creek looks as though he would make an excellent footy player, judging by his height and powerful physique, but for the same price, basketball is much the cushier of the two jobs.

Adelaide owner Kelly played the incident down, speaking of his respect for Creek and offering that the attempt to prevent Creek from leaving the Sixers for the NBA was nothing other than a misunderstanding.

“I always had a good relationship with Mitch, I still respect his talent enormously,” Kelly said.“He did a lot for this club so I’m happy to see him be successful and wish him all the best — even playing against him.”

The NBL does not have a fine structure for lying, provided it is done with respectable language and does not impugn the wrong groups.

Creek is a top candidate for the NBL’s MVP award.

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