We advocate mercy for Michael Cheika, but Rugby Australiadoes not seem to be in a merciful frame of mind, as they need a special meetingof the board to ponder his fate.

Would the Wallabies be any better with another coach?

Then, remove Cheika and let everyone get on with their lives.

Would the Wallabies be worse still?

Hard to imagine, but a new coach that came in and won half his Tests in the first year would be hailed as a conquering hero.

Team sports the world over bear a remarkable similarity: poor players and poor play puts the period to coaches’ tenure.

The Wallabies had their worst season in 60 years, defeated nine times from 13 Tests. Cheika will have to answer to the board for that and Cheika’s fate seems to be in the hands of high performance boss Ben Whitaker, whose title should perhaps be changed to low performance boss just before he receives a secure escort to the door, and RA chief Raelene Castle, whose first year at the helm has not exactly been one that would indicate a need for banners to be printed.

It seems that Castle and chairman Cameron Clyne have expressed support for Cheika, but the fans grow restive as the festive season in upon us.

Cheika has a winning strike rate of under 50 percent, the poorest since paid players were introduced into international rugby.

Would replacing Cheika have any true impact?

Let’s give him the All Blacks and see what happens. New Zealand appears to be waning to some extent, which would make it possible to blame Cheika for ruining the prospects of two countries with high rugby aspirations, instead of just the one.

Expert observers think that Cheika will be spared, but that one, possibly more of his assistants, will be made scapegoats as a token display of top executives taking decisive action and throwing a carcass to disgruntled fans. Just three years ago, Cheika was the international coach of the year.

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